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Rapper Stunner: ‘Pokello Too Smart to Get Caught’

Rapper Stunner has leapt to the defence of his ex flame Pokello Nare saying there was nothing going on between her and popular businessman ...

Rapper Stunner has leapt to the defence of his ex flame Pokello Nare saying there was nothing going on between her and popular businessman and Harare socialite, Tazvi “Chief J” Mhaka and people should keep out of her business.

This is after Pokello was bashed on social media over the past few days for attending Chief J’s yacht party in Cape Town for his birthday celebrations.

Chief J who was in Bulawayo recently with Wicknell Chivayo is seen at numerous functions with Pokello and model Jacqueline Ngarande whom he refers to as his sisters, something some think is a mere cover up. 
Stunner and Pokello

And now, having Pokello attend his 39th birthday party in a foreign land without her husband Elikem has left some wondering if Pokello is cheating.

Stunner who was in Bulawayo on Saturday for a performance with Tockey Vibes at Club 263 said he was following the whole controversy on social media but Pokello was too clever to be caught cheating.

“Pokello is not stupid. If she was up to something with any of those men trust me none of us in Zimbabwe except the two of them would know. She won’t show off what she’s doing to anyone especially on social media,” said Stunner.

He said he knows that there is nothing going on between Pokello and Chief J or Ginimbi.

“There’s absolutely nothing going on between any of them, and I know that for a fact. It’s only Zimbabweans who want to speculate and come up with theories about what is what and what is not,” said Stunner.

Turning to his career, Stunner said he was working on his album.

“In August my album is out and I sampled some of the songs during my performance. People liked my music and I’m happy that they loved and accepted my music. Hip hop is alive and kicking,” said Stunner.

During the show the Tazoita Cash boss went through his long list of hits such as Dhaf’ korera, Godo, the most recent Vakomana, and Ndoenda he dedicated to his estranged wife Olinda. Stunner had fans jumping up and down dancing to his hip hop music occasionally letting people sing along.

Tockey Vibes showed that he has worked on his stage performance with a polished act.

In the past the artiste known for his lyrical ingenuity confirmed by his uplifting tunes such as Mhai, Toti toti and the recent Mainini was failing to make the grade on stage. He has been pelted by revellers after failing to meet their expectations.

This was because he would not be interactive with fans sometimes singing with his back to them. However, on Saturday fans saw a different side of Tockey who danced to his songs, led fans in singing his hit tracks.

Tockey seems to have been watching and learning from other Zimdancehall artistes. It’s not smooth sailing for him though as his old traits would creep up on him but with time he will be a polished performer. - The Chronicle

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