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Wonder Cream: Big Bum, Hip Craze Hits Zimbabwean Women

Harare – First it was skin bleaching creams. And now Zimbabwean women are falling for a ‘wonder cream’ that promises to balloon their backs...

Harare – First it was skin bleaching creams. And now Zimbabwean women are falling for a ‘wonder cream’ that promises to balloon their backside assets into an appealing, celebrity rotundas feature resembling Nicki Minaji or Kim Kardashian to attract the opposite s.ex in just two weeks.

For $50 a 125ml of Botcho Cream, a Harare based entrepreneur is making a big killing with hordes of women queuing to snatch the bum-enhancing cream. Those outside the capital are using mobile money transfers to source their products.

The miracle product is getting praises from users in an active group called ‘Botcho cream big b.utt $50”. A woman called Rue is enticing more buyers with images of extended bum females, causing more ladies to contact her to place orders.    

Rue claims that Botcho Cream has no side effects due to its natural herbal ingredients. “Botcho cream is meant to boost your hips and bums. It has no side effects because it’s made from natural herbs including white kwao krua herb from Thailand and fish oil. The visible change occurs after two weeks and the results are permanent,” Rue claims.

The application procedure is also explained by the seller.

“The procedure for using the cream is very easy. Firstly, you have to clean your butt, waist and thighs with a wet warm towel. After that, you have to apply the cream to your hips and buttocks and massage for two to three minutes until the body absorbs the cream,” she added.

Application is done twice daily, in the morning and evening. Users of the products are encouraging other members, with images of Beyoncé, Nicki Minaji and Kim Kardashian luring more users in a bid to attain a rotundas body structure like these celebrities.
Big Bum Craze has Hit Zimbabwean Women

However, online research verifies that the creams originated from West Africa. “Botcho cream was whipped up by a man named Dr Zoh. But to be clear, he is not a real MD or scientist nor is he a chemist. Still — he’s managed to concoct an all-natural booty cream using ingredient drawn from plants and honey,” an online news article mentions.

The investigation also adds that “Botcho is a popular term used in the Cote d’Ivoire to refer to a woman’s huge buttocks. The term and the cream became popular due to the popularity of the Bobaraba (big bottom).”

But what is scary is that nobody knows what is contained in the creams, despite the assurance of the existence of natural creams. According to medical experts, the cream has not been tested by the Medical Control Authority of Zimbabwe, and cannot be used by the public because it can affect the liver, kidneys and even cause heart and cancer problems.

The dangerous trend of butt transplants has seen more than a dozen women in Venezuela die from botched plastic surgeries involving injecting synthetic silicone into their buttocks.

At least 40 000 women in the South American nation have undergone a procedure where they have a gel-like substance called a synthetic biopolymer shot into the butt cheeks. As opposed to a silicone implant, the synthetic substance flows like an injection and spreads uncontrollably through tissue, leading to deformities and sometimes death.

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