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Boko Haram: Govt Refutes Amnesty International Torture Allegations

The Amnesty International non-governmental organisation published, on July 20, 2017, an outrageously accusatory report on the respect for h...

The Amnesty International non-governmental organisation published, on July 20, 2017, an outrageously accusatory report on the respect for human rights in the fight that our country is leading against the Boko Haram terrorist organisation.

The said report, as you are also aware, follows a similar one that was published in July 2016.

In its 2017 issue, Amnesty International chose to cross the whistle-blowing threshold and get into the category of accusation and legal and even judicial characterisation of what it believes to have found in the struggle of our Defense and Security Forces against the Boko Haram obscurantist criminals.

For those who could still doubt it, the focus on Cameroon and its Defence and Security Forces, the accumulation of false and gross findings by Amnesty International prove that we are faced with a real destabilisation campaign whose objectives have at least the merit of being clear. 
Cameroon Military Under Fire

Amnesty International', an organisation which is now playing the role of an organization for the defence of terrorist interests, is no more no less, aiming:

- To weaken the morale and effectiveness of Cameroonian Defense and Security Forces

- To annihilate on the operational level, the offensive initiatives which are causing the greatest harm to the aggressors;

- To tarnish the image of the Defence and Security Forces in the eyes of the international partners, and to dissociate them from the global response called for by the Head of State, Commander-in-chief of the Army, and in which Cameroon is a key link at regional level, and most especially at sub-regional level.

As a matter of fact, under the caption, and I quote: "Cameroon's secret torture chambers: human rights violations and war crimes in the fight against Boko Haram", end of quote. 

Amnesty International terms as executioner a legitimate and sovereign State, a regular and patriotic army against an organization yet criminal and fearing neither God nor man, whose sole aim is to occupy and take away a part of our territory to establish its caliphate. 

This organization driven by such an abject aspiration, seems to be perceived by Amnesty International, contrary to all expectations, as pious and angelic.

The action of our Defence and Security Forces is thus qualified as, and I quote, "widespread practice of torture committed by the security forces against ordinary Cameroonians, who are often arrested without any evidence and forced to endure unimaginable pain", end of quote.

They go on saying, and I quote again, that, "These horrific violations amount to war crimes. The overwhelming majority of victims were tortured in two unofficial detention sites; the headquarters of the Rapid Intervention Batallion (BIR) in Salak, near the northern city of Maroua. 

And a facility in the capital, Yaoundé run by the General Directorate of External Research (DGRE), Cameroon's intelligence services, situated close to the country's parliament", end of quote.

Amnesty International, in keeping with its logic of protecting terrorist interests, begins to chastise in order to discourage such move, the cooperation of armies from friendly countries.

The US and French military are thus pinpointed and merely treated as accomplices of war crimes that the Army and the Cameroonian intelligence services would be, according to Amnesty International, perpetrating against innocent victims linked to Boko Haram.

From this standpoint, it should be noted that Amnesty International attaches its accusations to atrocities allegedly perpetrated by the Cameroonian Defence and Security Forces against ordinary citizens, based on fictitious or instrumentalised witness accounts, while trying to substantiate the allegations with inconsistent evidence that do not stand up to reality.

Let me give you a few examples:
-Who, if not an ill-intentioned person, can truly believe that a country that subjects Boko Haram bloodthirsty criminals, even when arrested with weapons in their hands, would be reduced to perpetrating atrocities against its own population? 

If our Army carried out extra-judiciary killings as Amnesty International claims, would there be more than a thousand Boko Haram prisoners in our prisons treated humanely, as is the case today, in spite of the unspeakable atrocities committed by Boko Haram especially against the civilian populations. 

Any fighter of this terrorist organization arrested on the national territory is subjected to an investigation and a judgment in the competent courts according to the rules of the law. 

Significant financial resources are being made available for their care, as well as for the development and rehabilitation of their places of detention. - Online Sources

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