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Juvenile Delinquency: Spare a Motherly Thought for Grace Mugabe

Harare – Zimbabweans, chiefly families culturally abide to an astute expression: Azvara sekera muchidende – denoting that: as parents, be s...

Harare – Zimbabweans, chiefly families culturally abide to an astute expression: Azvara sekera muchidende – denoting that: as parents, be slow to condemn other children’s conduct.

Aptly, this maxim totals how some sections are seeking to gain mileage by magnifying youthful misconduct traits exhibited by Mugabe’s children – Chatunga and Robert Junior respectively.

Derick Matsengarwodzi 
As a parent, I will be the last to censure Grace and her sons’ conduct, though it is deemed excessive. For I know, adolescence is a testing phase for our children as well as parents – especially when you are raising three boys as in Grace Mugabe’s example.

No parent would tolerate a child cohabiting with a girl relegating his primary agenda: studies. We all seek the greatest exploits for our offspring, knowing well the path to greatness is spoiled with barbs – and a wayward conduct is one such erratic outcome.
Grace Mugabe and her Children 

Delinquency poser 
Apart from being the first family, reckless manners needlessly elevate the family on the world spotlight – and it might have little to do with the parents. Your social status matters less, delinquency always brings shame to the family – and it must be curtailed forthwith.

How many recall their parents’ frantic reactions after they overstepped their authority during their youthful era. I intensely recollect my school era.

My mother once snubbed my disciplinary hearing to determine my wayward behaviour. Not that she loathed me – but it was just too much for her – and we were four boys in our family. Now that I finally became a parent, I comprehend her anxieties then.

College life is dotted with known perils that may ruin young lives forever. Responsible parents never take any chances. Socialising is part of their daily lives – but it has to be done within limits considering one’s future.

'Weird solutions'
As bystanders, we could offer praise to the Mugabes for trying to curtail their children – electing that they relocate close home so as to monitor their actions. Grace is actually exhibiting expected motherhood traits – seeking the best for her children – nothing more.

Due to their excessive world load, the first family might have overlooked their children’s concerns putting the country first. Mugoni wepwere ndiye asinayo is another Shona proverb apt to this trending conversation. Translated as: those who less understands children, will sometimes subscribe weird solutions.

Political actors seeking to prop their waning fortunes by using the Mugabe siblings’ delinquency are just manipulating an easy loophole, ignoring what they actually endure back home.

Political gimmick
Being an electioneering season, some politicians will elect every occasion to demean their opponents – but as parents, we now know how it feels to have children behaving badly.

The Mugabe duo also portray an image of uncouth children – thereby giving the first family an immoral tag, hence their need to be curtailed. Regrettably, Gabriella Engels became a bearer of Grace’s anger – a mother’s rage.

But how often as parents do we blame our children’s’ networks for influencing their bad behaviour. It is improper but it comes naturally. Grace response is never welcome though anticipated. As parents, we might detest her political linkage – but please preserve a motherly thought.

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