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'Miracle Babies': 'Infertile Women Could Conceive Without Intercourse'

A Kenyan man famous internationally for claiming to be able to create 'miracle babies' just through prayer will finally face charge...

A Kenyan man famous internationally for claiming to be able to create 'miracle babies' just through prayer will finally face charges in his home country.

According to Daily Nation, Gilbert Deya (65) – who calls himself an Archbishop – ran the Gilbert Deya Ministries in Peckham, south-east London. 

He told his congregation that, thanks to the power of his prayer, even infertile women could conceive, even without having had se.x. The child could be born within as little as four months. It turns out the “miracle babies” were allegedly stolen from Nairobi’s Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

In 2004 cops raided Deya’s Nairobi home. DNA tests were done on the nine kids taken into protective custody. They showed that six of them did not share the DNA of their alleged “mum”, Mary, Deya’s wife.
'Miracle Babies'

When the BBC asked Deya to explain how kids could have DNA different from that of their alleged parents, Deya said: "The miracle babies which are happening in our ministry are beyond human imagination.

"It is not something I can say I can explain because they are of God and things of God cannot be explained by a human being."

The Kenyan government alleges he stole five kids between 1999 and 2004. The former security guard has battled his extradition from Britain to Kenya for the last 10 years. Deya is expected to face charges of child trafficking, having finally arrived back in Nairobi on Friday.

His wife Mary is currently serving a three-year jail term for child trafficking.

The former security guard has had a rollercoaster life. According to The Telegraph, the Gilbert Deya Ministries apparently had a membership of 36 000 in Britain. 

Among his many scams was selling “anointed” olive oil that cures cancer, and claiming to have mystical powers that can overcome debt and witchcraft.

His ministry was investigated by British authorities in 2014. Deya had amassed a fortune of £1 865 620 (about R33 million) in the bank and had property in Britain worth about £2 million (about R35 million). - Daily Sun

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