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Tsekeleke's End: 'He was Ready for Death, he Screamed in Pain'

Anthony Motaung known to many as Fatty Boom Boom or Tsekeleke knew this was going to be his 'end.' In October last year he said he ...

Anthony Motaung known to many as Fatty Boom Boom or Tsekeleke knew this was going to be his 'end.' In October last year he said he would rather choose death than have to amputate his right leg. 

Doctors had warned amputation was a strong possibility after his diabetes had led to peripheral artery disease (PAD)‚ which restricts blood flow to the feet and legs.

A confidante, Max ‘Chief’ Mjamba has described the musician’s painful death and how he begged for the end as doctors were forced to continue amputating parts of his body‚ as a result of debilitating diabetes.

But it was the very thing he feared that ultimately came true. His mentor‚ Chief‚ said that Tsekeleke was admitted to hospital last year to have his toes amputated. He then had to have a second procedure where doctors kept “moving up” as the PAD continued to affect the body. 

It was his third procedure that really hurt.
The Last Dance: Fat Boom Boom Last Days were Painful 

“He was crying and screaming like a baby‚” said Chief. Tsekeleke spent the last two months in hospital and it was during this time that he said the “pain was too much.” He had a fourth amputation on Monday and it was to be his final one.

“There was nothing more to cut. There was nothing more to amputate‚” explained Chief. He was immediately rushed to ICU and a day later‚ surrounded by family and friends‚ took his last breath.

“He was the breadwinner for the family. He brought in money through his recordings and performances. He was connected to tubes and couldn’t communicate but he was aware of his surroundings.”

Although death was expected‚ the family are still shaken. Tsekeleke had been through the most‚ going through his worst fear and was still alive.

“When he spoke of death I tried to discourage him. You don’t want to talk about things like that. He said he must go. It was too much... the pain‚ he said‚ was too much‚” Chief told TshisaLIVE.

His long battle with diabetes stripped him of his finances, left him with costly medical bills and prevented him from providing as a breadwinner to his family.

"The fact that he had to get help in a government hospital will tell you about his financial situation. He was not able to afford a private hospital or doctor and the longer he was in hospital the less he was able to earn. He did not perform at gigs and he didn't make any public appearances," Mjamba said.

He said that Tsekeleke did not save to look after his health and could not afford his astronomical hospital bill. Instead the star was supported financially by close friends, including some from his record label Kalawa Jazmee.

"Me, Spikiri and a few others have promised to look after (pay) the hospital bills. It is a lot but it is something we have said we will do. We will not entertain the thought that our friend was broke," Mjamba said

He said that Tsekeleke had committed to changing his life shortly after his initial hospitalisation late last year, which included going on a weight-loss program and trying to study further.

"I told him that something needed to change. He needed to lose weight and study further. He needed to look after himself. He agreed, and for a few days we would walk together and even looked at tertiary (institutions to study at)," Mjamba added.

He was also working on a comeback single with Professor, Spikiri and several others at the time of his hospitalisation. Tsekeleke died at a Vosloorus hospital at around 7pm on Tuesday evening after complications relating to diabetes. - Online Sources

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