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Bamenda Explosions: 'Ambazonia Defence Forces Responsible'

Mamfe – The Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF), of Cho Ayaba’s AGC have claimed responsibility for an explosive that rocked the Bamenda Hospita...

Mamfe – The Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF), of Cho Ayaba’s AGC have claimed responsibility for an explosive that rocked the Bamenda Hospital Roundabout and attacks on a military base in Besongabang, in Manyu Division.

The Bamenda Roundabout attack took place midnight on Sunday September 9, while the Besongabang attack took place later.

In a recorded message forwarded to the media since Monday September 10, but which we could not immediately publish pending independent confirmation, the commander of the forces on the ground, is heard in the message reporting to his superiors, confirming the success of the mission.

Referring to the Besongabang incident, the voice says, “My boys attacked at three, three people are dead, one seriously injured and hospitalized right now.” 

The voice adds that the attack took place at Besongabang army camp, a military base for troops of La Republique du Cameroon in Manyu Division. The commander is also heard in the recording reporting that his boys are being “chased all over the place right now,” but that they all succeeded to return to base.
Ambazonia Defence Forces 

We have been sitting on the audio since Monday so we could independently verify the veracity of the recording and the incident. The Cameroon Journal has now been able to confirm from two sources in Mamfe that such incident actually took place. The incident actually took place Saturday night breaking Sunday, September 10, Cameroon time.

Corpses of the three soldiers killed where since smuggled into the Mortuary in Buea General Hospital. An informant in the Mortuary in Buea told The Cameroon Journal that they were strictly forbidden to disclose the identities of the three soldiers. 

Since the attacks, the troops in Besongabang have since Sunday engaged in the community in “Kale Kale,” rounding up residents and taking them to detention centers.

About the Bamenda Hospital Roundabout attacks on Sunday morning, a statement from the ADF to the Cameroon Journal on Monday September 11 simply reads; “Bamenda updates. Couldn’t take pictures due to the very tight security. 

Top ranking LRC’s forces all gathered at the Hospital Roundabout taking pictures and gathering exhibits from an explosion that occurred at midnight. 

From the look of things, an explosion was aimed at bringing down LRC’s Security Camera, but failed perhaps due to poor mixture as it could only scrape a portion of the pillar carrying the giant Lion (Biya) and dig the soil under the lion. The sound of the said explosion is said to have reached Mobil Nkwen.” The statement reads.

This information was made available to the Cameroon Journal since Monday September 11.We couldn’t publish it immediately, pending independent verification. We have since verified that the incident actually took place. 

A Lawyer source in Bamenda who actually visited the scene of the explosion confirmed the damage to the lion’s sculpture. He said however, that many people close to the scene had thought that it was the security camera that exploded.

As The Cameroon Journal reported last Sunday, The Ambazonia Defense Council has officially deployed forces on the ground in Southern Cameroons to begin formal offensive against what they describe as the occupation by La Republique du Cameroon of the Southern Cameroons territory. The deployment was launched Saturday night, September 9. - Online Sources

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