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Doma People: 'Hate Hotel, Vows to Remain in Rags, Feed on Roots'

Harare - The Doma people of Mbire district are still skeptical of where Prophet Walter Magaya is taking them with some vowing to remain in ...

Harare - The Doma people of Mbire district are still skeptical of where Prophet Walter Magaya is taking them with some vowing to remain in their rags, feeding on roots, it has been established. 

In his effort to transform their lives, Prophet Magaya clothed 460 Doma people and promised to build 200 decent houses in their village.

The 460 are accommodated at Yadah Guest house where they are struggling to adjust to some of the hotel dishes saying they were used to roots and fish.

Prophet Magaya opened their hearts yesterday when he gave them front seats during the church service where they stood up and joined Yadah Voices on the dance floor that some ended up removing their new shoes to show their dancing antics.
Doma People 

Addressing journalists on the sidelines of the church service, Prophet Magaya said some of the Doma men wrestled with the barbers who wanted to cut their hair.

“I want to build 200 decent houses for these people at their village and some of them wrestled with barbers when we tried to get their hair done,” said Prophet Magaya.

“The people you are seeing here gave my team a torrid time that the headman had to intervene refusing to board a bus from their village to Harare.

“Since many were feeding on roots they struggled to eat meat pies and other dishes served at the hotel but I feel blessed in transforming their lives.“It is the first time for some to be in Harare and when they heard about a pie they all refused to eat it arguing that it was stolen since the word ‘pie’ sounds similar to a word they use in stealing.

“I am after transforming the whole tribe, I will invest a few millions in carrying projects that will benefit them at their place.

“I was motivated to assist people who will genuinely appreciate and they will not give me anything back but just their thank you and God will reward at the proper time,” said Prophet Magaya.

He said a team of 80 PHD members are teaching them at the hotel since some are still to learn about a spoon, fork, floor tiles, and toilet.

Prophet Magaya said he has identified 6 men who are good at playing soccer that he will include in the Yadah FC junior team.

The Doma select team beat Yadah FC junior team 1-0 in a friendly match to welcome them at the Yadah Hotel where they are to spend a week receiving teachings meant to change their lives. - H Metro

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