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Passion Crime: Wife Killer Found Hanging, Body Decomposing

Harare - The story had all the ingredients of tragedy scribbled over it.  20 years after ditching his family, Elisha Murimba suddenly ret...

Harare - The story had all the ingredients of tragedy scribbled over it. 

20 years after ditching his family, Elisha Murimba suddenly returned home on August 2 this year, with only a satchel after many years that took him to countries such as the US, Australia, Nigeria, and South Africa.

His children could not recognise him, except his wife Victoria, and she was planning a surprise welcome party for Elisha.

But Elisha had other ideas. he allegedly cut off his wife's head with a knife, and disapeared from the crime scene. 

The following morning, the couple is said to have not emerged from their bedroom up until 11am, prompting the daughter to check on her parents. When the daughter opened the door, she realised that her mother was still in bed.

Elisha and Victoria Murimba 

She proceeded to the bed, opened the blankets only to see her mother sleeping in a pool of blood with her throat slit and her father nowhere to be seen. She raised alarm which prompted neighbours to rush to the house to investigate.

Days later, Murimba's body, who last week killed his 46-year-old wife in unclear circumstances, was found in a decomposing state 400 metres from his home.

“His body was found in a decomposing state in a game park 400 metres from the crime scene and is now in the mortuary,” Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed.

Murimba vanished from his home in New Bordervale suburb, Mutare, after he murdered his wife Victoria Murimba in cold blood a few weeks after returning from the United States where he had been living for the past 20 years.

The discovery of his body came amid speculation that he had fled to Mozambique, a view buttressed by the fact that Elisha was once heard asking on how to travel to Mozambique without proper travelling documents.

The family spoke of Elisha’s utterances while still in South Africa when he is alleged to have said he was seeing darkness upon his return home. Preliminary investigations showed that on the fateful day, the couple retired to bed at around 8pm.

The couple’s daughter was quoted saying her mother came to her bedroom at around the same time and said she wanted to spend the night with her daughter in her bedroom, only to change her mind later and went back to the main bedroom where her husband was sleeping.

Victoria’s brother, Mr Abel Muzuwaka, attributed the actions of his in-law to the love for money, claiming that on the fateful day, his sister’s purse was emptied yet they knew she had money in it since she was a successful businesswoman.

He added that he suspected that Elisha must have been surprised by the new developments Victoria had done on their residential stand which was a mere ground when he left for the Diaspora 20 years ago, forcing him to suspect her of having extra-marital affairs. - The Herald

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