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Bakassi Peninsula: Cameroon Govt Steps up Development

The government of Cameroon has embarked on a series of development projects to enable the population of the Bakassi Peninsula get fully int...

The government of Cameroon has embarked on a series of development projects to enable the population of the Bakassi Peninsula get fully integrated into the country's mainstream development and completely enjoy their belonging to the Cameroonian nation. 

The acceleration of development projects in Bakassi came after the Greentree Agreement between Cameroon and Nigeria on June 12, 2006 under the auspices of the United Nations Organisation for the development of the zone Cameroon got back from Nigeria following the International Court of Justice ruling of October 10, 2002 in the border conflict pitting Cameroon against Nigeria. 

Until the creation of the Bakassi Development Programme by the Prime Minister on August 21, 2017 which is still to go operational, government development projects in the area had been overseen by the Coordination and Follow-up Committee of Priority Projects to be realised in the Bakassi zone. 
Bakassi Pensinsula

Officials of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications are just back from Bakassi where two transmission antennas have been constructed in Jabane and Akwa. The Ndian Division Delegate of Communication, Adama Muye, said hopes that with the transmission antennas, the entire Bakassi peninsula would soon receive the State-owned Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) signals, as well as telephone network. 

CRTV signals, she said, are only received in Isangele and parts of Akwa. The giants development strides in Bakassi are noticeable in the educational domain. Schools both at the basic and secondary education levels have been created and built. 

There is a Government Teachers Training College in Akwa, SAR/SM in Akwa and spotted secondary and primary schools in all subdivisions of Bakassi. Road infrastructure still remains a teething problem but government is already tackling the issue through the ongoing work on the Kumba- Mundemba-Isangele and Akwa road. 

Work has started on the Meme part of the road and the Military Engineering Corps constantly maintains the Mundemba- Isangele-Akwa portion that mostly becomes impassible by vehicles during the raining season. 

Bakassi is essentially a fishing zone and reports say government has besides other projects, constructed 50-houses Fish Village in Isangele. Other key development endeavours are reportedly noticeable in the health sector. 

There are District Hospitals in Isangele and Idabato, while there are also Government Integrated Health Centres in place such as Kombo Itindi. Most buildings to host the different administrations are in place with the specificity that houses to lodge civil servants have also been constructed in Akwa. 

Efforts have also been stepped up to promote the socio-economic empowerment of women through the construction of Women Empowerment Centres. - Online Sources

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