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Military Takeover: Robert Mugabe Must Go, Live Pictures

Harare – After 37 years of being elevated as a demi-god in Zimbabwe – and elsewhere, Robert Mugabe’s grip on political power has been loose...

Harare – After 37 years of being elevated as a demi-god in Zimbabwe – and elsewhere, Robert Mugabe’s grip on political power has been loosened – as current events unfold – with multitudes calling for his immediate overthrow.

Thousands of people have gathered across the country to demand his immediate ouster from the post he has selfishly enjoyed for many years.
People Power 

Mugabe was on a mission to leave power to his wife – thereby creating a family dynasty – but he angered the nation in return.
People's Army 
After the countrywide protest, his party – Zanu-PF is expected to recall him – with a parliamentary impeachment in the offing to seal his eternal demise.
People have Responded to the March

The march has been buttressed by the participation of all opposition parties, civilians and the minority white community in Zimbabwe. 
Its time Up!

“We are giving an ultimatum to Mugabe. This aura, this pretence that things are normal going to Zimbabwe Open University capping people, it’s pretence,”– Chris Mutsvangwa

War veterans have called on cornered President Robert Mugabe to step down today or face the wrath of Zimbabweans in a planned final push rally to oust the only leader Zimbabwe has known since independence in 1980.
Taking a Selfie with Army 

Mwonzora says: “Zimbabwe is not for one person, army has upheld constitution, Zim is for all races.
Your hold on power Mugabe has come to an end he quotes what Jesus said on the cross in his last moments.

Chinamasa – says he is representing Zanu PF and is immediately booed, Mahiya had to intervene to bring order so that he is allowed to speak. Chanting crowds demand the return of USD ask Chinamasa were it went.
People's Liberators 

The minister has torrid time addressing the restive crowd. He says War Veterans fought to remove Mugabe and should be respected. He says Mugabe must go he has to resign. People around Mugabe should be arrested, their crimes should be investigated
Some of the Known Faces Against Mugabe

Joice Mujuru is introduced just says I am here to support War vets, says people have suffered enough. Let’s all push so that he goes Pastor Mawarire comes on stage says Let’s build Zimbabwe together.
One for the Social Media!

Building a new opportunity for the people. Not a party issue, this is a Zimbabwe thing shouts Mawarire. Patson Dzamara gatecrashed and demands the wereabouts of his brother
Grace Under Spotlight 

Oppah Muchinguri: Denounces 1st Lady and says we have capacity to solve our own problems. Tells off Sadc and says we have to march to State House to remove the tyrant.
Hoping for a Brighter Future 

Roads congested but everything flowing perfectly well in the absence of police.

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