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Fake Agent: 'Prophet' Approaches Zim President with Loaded Gun

Harare – Self-styled prophet Gathry Chiredzero was busted while advancing towards President Emmerson Mnangagwa with a loaded gun and fake C...

Harare – Self-styled prophet Gathry Chiredzero was busted while advancing towards President Emmerson Mnangagwa with a loaded gun and fake Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) identification at a State function, a Harare court heard yesterday.

Chiredzero was charged with possession of offensive weapons at public gathering, impersonating a public official and forgery when he appeared before Harare magistrate, Rumbidzayi Mugwagwa.

He was represented by John Ndomene and will be back in court today for his bail application. Prosecutor Tatenda Murindagomo alleged that on December 4, there was an inauguration ceremony at State House for cabinet ministers.

Chiredzero was spotted near State House by the podium controlling movement of people, masquerading as a security agent.

The court heard that it was later established Chiredzero had produced a fake CIO identity card at the security check point to gain entry into the State House.

On December 6, there was a ceremony for renaming King George V1 Barracks to Josiah Magamba Tongogara Barracks and the programme was officiated by Mnangagwa and he arrived driving a blue BMW X5 registration numbers ADI3317.

The court heard that Chiredzero approached the Zimbabwe Defence Intelligence personnel manning the main gate where he identified himself and his accomplices as CIO Close Security Unit Officers who had been deployed to beef up Mnangagwa’s security.

He reportedly produced a fake CIO identity card bearing his names and was given free passage into the premises before proceeding to the hall where celebrations were in progress.

It was alleged that Chiredzero then positioned himself near the podium where Mnangagwa was addressing the gathering and was intercepted by an alert military officer who inquired into his presence.

The court heard that Chiredzero said he was a member of the CIO and produced the fake identity card and it was immediately established that he was impersonating a security official. When his accomplices realised that he had been caught, they quickly vanished from the scene.

Chiredzero was searched and found in possession of a 38 Special Amadeo Rossi S.A revolver serial loaded with three live rounds and two spent cartridges.

He also had a fake Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission identity card inscribed Government of Zimbabwe executive director, Anti-Corruption, which he claimed to have obtained from the CIO and a fake metal driver’s licence. 

Chiredzero is not a novice to controversy, after he was dragged to court for reportedly swindled a Harare businessman of US$18 000 in a botched car deal. Chiredzero was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Anita Tshuma yesterday. Ms Tshuma remanded Chiredzero to November 16 on US$200 bail.

Chakurira alleges that Chiredzero called the complainant, who was not mentioned in the court papers, and they agreed to meet at a car sales yard in Eastlea. Chiredzero then informed the com­plainant that a certain embassy was selling cars and he could facilitate a sale, it is alleged.

It is further alleged that Chiredzero showed him a Mercedes Benz ML which he claimed he bought from the Embassy. It is the State’s case that he further advised the complainant that various makes were available for sale at the embassy.

The complainant expressed interest in buy­ing two Toyota Prados, the court heard. Chiredzero reportedly indicated that such cars were sold for US$9 000 each.

It is alleged that he said the vehicles would be delivered in a month’s time if he was paid cash.
After a few days, the court heard, Chiredzero sent his cousin Blessing Machuma to collect US$18 000 for the vehicles.

Chiredzero allegedly became evasive after receiving the money. The complainant allegedly threatened to report Chiredzero to the police after a year. In an attempt to cover up for the offence, Chiredzero allegedly went to the complainant’s business offices where he surrendered a Mit­subishi Pajero valued at US$9 000.

The complainant allegedly accepted the vehicle before Chiredzero was arrested. - Online Sources

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