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ED Mnangagwa: 'I Know Who Poisoned me'

Harare – Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has finally revealed that he knows the culprits who administered arsenic toxin into his syst...

Harare – Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has finally revealed that he knows the culprits who administered arsenic toxin into his system in a failed bid to eliminate him from the fierce faction wars brewing within Zanu-PF then.

Arsenic toxin is a rare, colourless and tasteless metal only found in two countries – Russia and Israel leading to cardiac arrest, according to experts who attended Mnangagwa after the ordeal.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Speaking to Alec Russell of the Financial Times in Harare recently, Mnangagwa said former First Lady Grace Mugabe fronted the now disbanded G40 cabal to belittle him during countrywide rallies.

"There was this group called the G40 group, led by the former First Lady . . . using the former First Lady as their means to achieve their objectives. But the man who was an obstacle to their agenda was myself.
President ED Mnangagwa

"I was the most senior person after Mugabe in the party and I had so much support and popular among the people, and they knew they couldn’t achieve what they wanted to achieve with me in the party and with me on my feet. So, this is what happened. Then they mooted an agenda of rallies," Mnangagwa revealed.

Quizzed if he knew who masterminded the dirty job, the former vice president was forthcoming.

"I suspect. I suspect as to who did it. They are still good friends of mine. I now suspect that they now know that I know. They now know that I know."

After his dismissal from the presidium, Mnangagwa was advised to leave the country because he was targeted for elimination.

"Then the next day I was fired at about four o’clock. I got a letter. In the terms of section so and so, you are fired with immediate effect. So I then left my office immediately; I went home. But when I arrived home within two hours or so some colleagues ," he continued, "Some officers from security services came and said, Sir, we are part of a group which is charged with the task to eliminate you. So you must leave now."

Mnangagwa would depart for the Mozambique border but he encountered more problems, with the security forces denying him passage to the country, despite having all papers in order. He did not even contemplate calling Mugabe, his former boss, saying he was under the influence of other people.

"I knew he was not in control of himself. I was aware he was under the grasp of this group. Then I went to a friend’s house. In the evening around about eight o’clock I took off with one of my sons. We went through about 30km or so because we walked from about half past eight in the evening until 7:30 in the morning. We reached Mozambique."

Events back home moved rapidly, with the army taking over, leading to Mugabe's resignation, culminating to Mnangagwa's return to Harare, but the two are still in talking terms.

"Just before he (Mugabe) left for Singapore we chatted. Before he left for Singapore. He said he wanted to go Singapore, I said, Sir, you’re most welcome. I will give every facilitation for you to proceed to Singapore," Mnangagwa mentioned, referring to Mugabe's recent sojourn to the Middle East on government expense.

Adding to his pronouncement on Mugabe's retirement package, Mnangagwa says his legacy will be maintained.

"The founding father of our nation. We will respect him; we want to keep that legacy. He is our icon, we’ll do everything in our power to keep him happy, to keep him secure, to keep him comfortable to the end.

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