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I Love You Honey: Ezekiel Guti Jnr Last Words

Harare  –  They met at a tender age. The late Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Jnr was only 20  –  his wife aged 19. For 15 years, the couple lived ...

Harare – They met at a tender age. The late Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Jnr was only 20 – his wife aged 19. For 15 years, the couple lived a life filled with laughter – they even coined nicknames for everyone  – and before the fateful event, he remembered his sweetheart.  

Delivering her last speech before the burial of the revered servant of God, Mrs Guti Jnr went down memory lane. 

“He was calling from the lounge to say, ‘I love you honey’ and he sent me a Christmas message saying ‘Merry Christmas babe’ while he was sitting on the couch before going to the swimming pool. It’s still there, before he passed away,” she reveled to the packed auditorium.

After the swimming pool mishap, Ezekiel Guti Jnr later died on December 27 in intensive care unit in South Africa. the late Evangelist could described in three words: transparent, humorous and loving man. 

Above all, he never kept grudges.
The Late Ezekiel Junior and Wife 

“Whenever l got upset or angry, he would beg for forgiveness saying ‘I’m sorry my wife, I love you my wife’. If you delayed saying I forgive you, he would come to say, ‘Please forgive me’. And he would hold me saying, ‘I am not letting you go until you forgive me’.

Their home was fun-filled, with jokes everywhere. 

“So he would never let anything go unsettled. And he was full of jokes. Kumba kwedu tainakidzwa, isusu mumba medu tainakidzwa (We had fun in our home). With EJ taipa vanhu mazita (we gave people nicknames) and we have got codes in our family. If we say this name we know we are talking about who, even if that person is there.

Because he could unify the family, the only son in the Guti family, he was called the Family Relations Officer.

Mrs Guti Jnr revealed how her husband arranged her a ‘surprise’ birthday party.

“He would call me and say, ‘Honey you know what I’m coming to order a cake’. I said a cake for who? He said, ‘I’m planning a surprise party for you. So I would know. I knew the venue, I knew this and this.

“I wanted to see what he was going to do on the day of the party. So on the day of the party he came and said, ‘You know what, we are being invited to a couples’ fellowship’.

When the visited believers, the late evangelist would adapt to the settings. 

“One time we went to another believer’s house and we were sitting in the lounge. And the believer was just walking up and down. I called her and I said, Mhamha what’s wrong, is there anything wrong?’ 

“And she said, ‘Mhamha we had only cooked sadza and beans so I don’t know if evangelist can eat that’. I said, ‘Bring it we will eat’.

“So she brought the sadza and beans, the evangelist ate. Then he said can I have some more. He was given some more. Then we went home. One day I cooked sadza and beans, I gave him. He said, ‘Pamba pani panodyiwa sadza nebeans (whose house is this where you prepare sadza and beans?’

“I said, ‘But you ate sadza and beans that day and he said not in my house, when I go to people’s houses I can eat,” she said, leaving the audience roaring with laughter.

As a member of the bishops transfer board, Mrs Guti Jnr said her late husband transferred himself following a feeling that he had been leading in Chisipite District for too long, proving his humble behaviour. – Additional reporting from Online Sources

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