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Prodigal Son: 'Roki Now a Born Again Christian’

Harare – One of the sublime but equally troublesome vocalist to emerge from Zimbabwe during the Urban Groves era – Rockford Josphat aka Rok...

Harare – One of the sublime but equally troublesome vocalist to emerge from Zimbabwe during the Urban Groves era – Rockford Josphat aka Roki – is now on a new page.

His latest musical gospel offering – Denga (Makorokoto) – a fusion of Afropop and Rhumba, produced by controversial Prophet Passion Java Records denotes a man who traded through various challenges – and is ready to be a new creature.

In 2014, he skipped the country after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend Nyasha Valerie – causing a miscarriage. He later failed to pitch for his mother's funeral Florence Josphat nee Masona in 2017 fearing for his life.

The lyrical Roki offers appreciation to God for doubling his blessings, saving his life from heinous practices and misconducts. 

As before, the output is effortless and a convincing tale, considering his status.  did and we welcome him to the body of Christ.
Roki Now 'Born Again' 
For over the past two decades the Allelujah hit-maker has been one of the biggest pop stars in the country and has been accredited as one of the artistes who helped popularize the Urban Grooves genre in the New Millennium.

Roki was born on July 7, 1985 in Madagascar and raised in ParkTown Waterfalls Harare.
He made his debut in 2001 after releasing hits such as "Seiko" which featured Leonard Mapfumo and Suzanna.

Proud holder of the "most Promising Artist for 2003" through the prestigious National Arts Merit Awards of Zimbabwe (NAMA), Roki has made a name for himself as a gifted songwriter and exceptional performer.

His album which carried the undying hit "Chidzoka"won best video of the year and song of the year in 2007.

He is currently working on a new album which is still untitled with one of Africa s most talented and versatile Hip Hop and Rnb producers Shay-Zar of Tha Mix Masterz/Gandanga Music Inc.

In 2012, Roki participated in the Big Brother Africa 7 show, he was tipped to win, but was disqualified after an altercation with fellow Zimbabwean house mate Maneta. Despite this, Roki rose to national and regional fame.

The urban grooves star has apparently fathered at least five children with five different women, he dropped out of school at about age 15. Roki’s songs centre on the themes of love, death, life and the clash of Western and African culture. - Online Sources

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