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Sour Love: Drugged Soul Jah Love Bashes Wife for 'Infidelity', Case Withdrawn

Harare – The troublesome love relationship between Zimdancehall star Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa has soured again – after the wife was he...

Harare – The troublesome love relationship between Zimdancehall star Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa has soured again – after the wife was heavily assaulted with an iron bar, sustaining deep cuts, but she later withdrew the case from the police.  

Bounty Lisa claims Soul Jah Love is now using a new drug that causes severe hallucinations - and he accused his wife of being impregnated by a unnamed drug dealer.
“He started assaulting me with his hands. I initially tried to defend myself fearing he would hurt me until my nails broke. Producers such as Dkt arrived while he was assaulting me. 

“He threw my bags out of the house, dragged me into the house and started hitting me with an iron bar,” said Bounty Lisa, whose real name is Lisa Musenyi.

She added that the assault happened even though a pregnancy test that had been done earlier had tested negative.

“He sent his brother to buy a pregnancy test kit whose results were negative. Everybody in the house saw the result but I was already being assaulted.),” said Bounty Lisa.
Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa

The songstress said she only managed to escape after Soul Jah Love had taken her to the drug dealer’s place.

“He later took me to a drug dealer’s place where he asked whether we knew each other. The drug dealer alleged that he had also been beaten up by Soul Jah Love.),” she said.

The Zimdancehall songstress, who reunited with Soul Jah Love last year after breaking up with Zimdancehall star in 2016, attributes her problems with the Yeke Yeke singer to drugs which make him hallucinate.

“Problems started around October last year when he began taking this particular drug and would allege there were people in the house but many of us who were living with him in the house did not see these people),” said Bounty Lisa.

She added that the new drug, which she could not identify, was making Soul Jah Love paranoid.

“At one time, he has asked me to leave the house and pushed me out of the gate until around 2am).

She cited one day when Soul Jah Love became unusually paranoid to the point of alleging that Bounty Lisa had been given a gun by the drug dealer.

“He alleged I had been given a gun by the drug dealers. He even searched the car saying I had hidden the gun somewhere in the vehicle),” said the songstress.

Bounty Lisa has since reported the assault to Rhodesville Police Station in Harare, where the singer was summoned yesterday afternoon. According to Bounty Lisa’s father Phineas Musenyi — who accompanied her to the police station, Soul Jah Love pleaded with his daughter for forgiveness.

After a lengthy counselling session, Bounty Lisa is understood to have decided to give the Conquering Family frontman another chance. The police are, however, understood to have asked the couple to deposit a signed affidavit with them, empowering the police to press charges against Soul Jah Love should any similar mishap arise.

Asked whether she was going to continue living with Soul Jah Love, Bounty Lisa’s father said; “That rests entirely on the two of them. Bounty is not going back now. If that has to happen, it will only be after consultation with his relatives because these assaults have to end. You never know what this will brood in the future.” - Daily News

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