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Glory Ministries: “In the Beginning, we were One”

Chitungwiza – House number 13 Choto in Zengeza 3 still retains the homely, welcome atmosphere it radiated 17 years ago and beyond.  Situate...

Chitungwiza – House number 13 Choto in Zengeza 3 still retains the homely, welcome atmosphere it radiated 17 years ago and beyond. 

Situated in the wedded section (dzimba dzemuchato) – the residence identified with a perennial lush greenery oozes a life-giving account.

As you enter, the lively fauna and flora extends an ambiance that attracted masses to this humble home – since 2001 to present day. Ever since, it has been a haven to the unwanted, a place of salvation to tormented souls and a perpetual well of hope for the distressed.

Countless uplifting testimonies of healing, deliverance and restoration still echo from the walls of the modest dwelling. Here, eyesight was restored to the blind – the mentally challenged were made stable. 

Evil spirits still respect this address because they were constantly subdued, wailed and loosened their subjects, setting them free forever.

In short, 13 Choto still cascades with hope for eternity that was made possible, thanks to the owners. Liz and the late Stanley Sibiya never planned to accommodate extra souls in their home – involuntarily. 

But their son – now Apostle Pride Sibiya had a burden to become a servant of God – their different spiritual interpretations, almost denting their relationship. 
Apostle Pride and Anna Sibiya During the Glory Ministries 17th Birthday Celebrations  

“Before I started the church, I had a girlfriend for seven years but I lost her. I also lost my best friend, and I almost lost my mother, who is now a member of this church. When God deals with you, he takes you through a sanctuary, so that when you quote verses, you praise Him,” revealed Apostle Sibiya, speaking on the formation of Glory Ministries.

During the initial service at 13 Choto in 2001– there was one congregate: Apostle Sibiya. The ensuring meeting, Apostle Shiloh Masiyenyama became the first member. Now the ministry has grown to almost 100 assemblies within four nations.

“When we stated 17 years ago at 13 Choto, we were one. The first 10 years, God said build a firm foundation but don’t publicise. Then in the season of mega – we got stands, a bible school and we went online. Our current building season signals establishment plus maturity,” announced Apostle Sibiya, during the 17th anniversary observed by all Glory Ministries assemblies. 

The birthday on 25 February was preceded by a visit to a local children’s home, cake cutting, while congregates wore building regalia, embodying the current season.

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