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New Kid: Prophet Magaya Enters New Domain

Harare - Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya recently joined the televangelist giants when he launch...

Harare - Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya recently joined the televangelist giants when he launched his gospel channel, Yadah Television, on the DStv bouquet - becoming the new kid on the block

As always, viewers anticipates to witness prophecies, miracles and deliverances  - almost similar to Nigerian TB Joshua. 

But the avenue elected by Magaya is dominated by icons not limetd to Pastor Joel Osteen (Lakewood Church), Dr Bill Winston (Bill Winston Ministries), Pr Paul Adefarisin (House on the Rock), Joseph Prince (New Creation Church), and Enock Phiri (Restoration House). 

These are preachers who have been in ministry for years. And when they dissect life topics from the Bible its precept upon precept and line upon line giving the most intriguing revelations one could never have imagined.

They have developed expertise in certain areas. For instance, the “faith master” tag belongs to Drs Winston and Dollar, who can link the Bible from Genesis to Revelations on subjects of faith.
Prophet Walter Magaya in Israel 

Bishop Jakes, and pastors Osteen and Meyer’s teachings are motivational and focus on character development. And their shows air at around the same time Prophet Magaya is on DStv. Therein lies the challenge for the PHD leader.

Much as miracles and deliverance sessions attract audiences, televangelism cannot be only about that. His messages, while bearing a motivational thrust, could be deeper and have more direct biblical references.

So the first challenge for Prophet Magaya is to up his teaching game so that he is not only about miracles. Secondly, there is perhaps also need to better structure the miracle sessions themselves - as these mishaps can lead to loss of audience easily.

Right now, one person can be the focus of deliverance for so long, with the demon being interrogated and then being taunted.

While this is certainly good for marketing the ministry, things like guarding the dignity of the one being delivered has to be considered.

In many instances, Jesus did not give demons the chance to speak. So why allow the demons to dominate a whole sermon?

Thirdly, while it is good that extraordinary miracles are being performed, there is need to deal with the every day issues that affect most people.

There could be greater emphasis on practical messages that build the spiritual and physical aspects of humanity.

Magaya's presentation antics could also come under scrutiny - often times he mumbles long winding speeches, which are not coherent and punctured by wrong pronunciations and grammar. His wardrobe also yearns for sprucing up to compete on the world stage. - Online Sources 

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