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#2018ZimElections: Mugabe's Challenger to Contest in 2018, Again

Harare - Egypt Dzinemunhenzva is a die hard politician. Since the 1990s, he has contested every election, from presidential, parliamentary,...

Harare - Egypt Dzinemunhenzva is a die hard politician. Since the 1990s, he has contested every election, from presidential, parliamentary, senatorial, even the by-elections in areas as diverse as Chitungwiza, Wedza and Harare Central.

But the outcome has been consistent: he has lost them all by very wide margins but he is always on the ballot. The 2018 elections will not be different for the rural businessman and polygamist. 

“This time around I am very confident of winning the 2018 presidential elections because I have several supporters dotted around the country. They are tired of corruption and they are saying that they want a president who is not greedy and who will combat corruption.”

With his party African National Party (ANP) headquartered in Wedza, Mashonaland East province, he claims he will not relocate. 

“Wedza is also part of Zimbabwe, we have some branches of our party in different parts of the country.”
Aspiring Presidential Candidate: Egypt Dzinemunhenzva (R)

The rather comical politician insists he is a freedom fighter - and he was involved in negotiations to free the country. 

“My political party needs to remove this Zanu PF government from power because these are greedy, corrupt people. I decided to form my own political party because I did not agree with their ideology of communism. I even warned Mugabe about corruption in the country and he never listened to me,” he said.

And he has plans for the country, too. 

“I will weed out corruption and ensure that there are no exam paper leakages at Zimsec. My government will support farming, industries and mining, and there will be accountability,” he said.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission currently has 124 presidential aspirants have indicated they will contest the 2018 presidential elections, including ANP.

In 2013, he wanted to contest the presidential elections, but he never contested after he failed to raise the nomination fees.

“We have a strategy, but we are not going to reveal our strategy because it can be forged and we can be pre-empted. I am willing to work with other parties only when they join me. I am tired of being used by other politicians.” 

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