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‘Born Again’: Zimbabwe Police now a 'Reformed Force'

Harare – Historically loathed as ruling party repressive tools – selectively conveying their master’s command, as opposed to executing thei...

Harare – Historically loathed as ruling party repressive tools – selectively conveying their master’s command, as opposed to executing their constitutional obligations – the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) claims that they have finally seen the ‘light’ – and will discharge their duties professionally, as per the police charter.

Opposition activists, motorists and the general public were regular victims of unethical conduct blatantly exhibited by the partisan force, during Robert Mugabe’s era – under the leadership of retired police commissioner Augustine Chihuri.

Oren Rukwava – a victim of police brutality, dragged the ZRP to court demanding $33 000 compensation for injuries sustained, after a police dog was ostensibly unleashed by a police officer in Gokwe.

The victim cited Home Affairs minister, Obert Mpofu, Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga and the police dog handler Fazibo Nkosana as respondents.
ZRP Attack a Defenceless Woman in Harare 

“All cases that are and will be reported to the police from now on are going to be dealt with and this is why we gave a statement warning party supporters to desist from political violence,” Police spokesperson, Charity Charamba told journalists at press conference in Harare.

Agreeing that they previously erred, she says they were given guidance and vision under the new dispensation of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“The police are no longer doing business as before but in this new trajectory police officers have been given guidance and the vision to deal with all cases and when I say all cases that is irrespective of your political party, your stature in life, your colour or whether you are female or male, these cases are going to be dealt with.”

Charamba promised that there will be a change, “And believe you me you are going to be seeing this. Some of the cases are here that have been reported are under investigations and police are already dealing with quite a number of cases though they are quite marginal.”

“You can all be able to access that perhaps after the elections or gradually and it will be difficult to access us like now but you are also free as the media.”

On accusations that some officers were selectively discharging duties, Charamba said, “And they are now doing it properly and they will definitely ensure that all cases that were reported will be solved.

“If you hear ZRP making bold statements like this, it means something was not being done in the way that you expect police officers to do their work.”

During Mugabe’s tenure, the rule of law was trampled upon with scaring regularity, such that approaching the police became a risk, especially in solving political disputes, with allegations of opposition members arrested while making complaints of violence.

“But I am saying this time around the leadership has made it very clear that it’s no longer business as usual and all police commanders were addressed and people are working towards achieving results,” Charamba stated.

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