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Global DNA: 70% of Zim Men Looking After other Men’s Kids

Harare - Zimbabwean men have been left questioning their potency after statistics have revealed that the majority of women in Zimbabwe lie ...

Harare - Zimbabwean men have been left questioning their potency after statistics have revealed that the majority of women in Zimbabwe lie about their children’s paternity.

So dire is the situation that 70 percent of men in the country are probably not the biological fathers of children they thought were theirs.

Global DNA Zimbabwe has released testing results for the last 16 months and most of the results have sent Zimbabwean men into panic mode.

“The majority of people are living in the dark. The do not know if they truly the fathers. Some people just have an attitude that they just don’t want to have a test but truth be told.
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“The mother has already told the real father about the child and not wanting to take responsibility they will leave that other man to take care of the child, paying for school and maybe university.” Global DNA consultant Tinashe Mugabe said.

Presently, paternity test services are being offered locally at National Blood Services of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) and AiBST Testing Centre.

Paternity test is defined by the Medical dictionary as a test, especially of DNA or genetic traits, to determine whether a given man could be the biological father of a given child.

NBSZ public affairs manager Ester Massundah said her organisation only handles paternity tests from legal cases.

“Our organisation deals with legal practitioners in cases involving paternity tests, we do not talk to clients or individuals,” said Massundah.

“Individuals should request or book for the test in writing through their lawyers and we will also respond in writing giving them the nearest date for them to come for the test.”

She said paternity tests at NBSZ uses DNA cells from blood samples at a cost of US$350 and the results are released within 10 to 15 days. Massundah said most individuals come for the test at their organisation through the magistrates’ courts or lawyers.

At AiBST centre, however, individuals can come for paternity test with or without lawyers, as long as they have the required documents.

Chief scientific officer Professor Collen Masimirembwa said his organisation charges US$500 for the whole process and the results are released after two weeks or less.

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