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Propaganda Mouthpiece: VP Wife’s Show Angers Football Fans

Harare –  The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) – often referred by its moniker: Dead BC by its viewers – has confirmed that it is in...

Harare – The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) – often referred by its moniker: Dead BC by its viewers – has confirmed that it is indeed a parrot for the ruling party Zanu PF to churn out its propaganda gospel at the expense of the masses – after it elected to broadcast a show featuring Mary Chiwenga – the wife of the vice president – at the expenses of an eagerly awaited UEFA Champions League final.

The unpopular and unprofessional move – contrary to the previously advertised football match – among millions of football fanatics – confirmed the selfish policies pursued by the current government at the expense of the masses – turning to sport betting to make a decent living.

The chiefly biased ZBC sold a dummy to viewers after weeks of advertising the forthcoming match – relying on the debt ridden station as a sole source of information – only to be bombarded with Zanu PF propaganda.

After the altered schedule, ZBC did not bother to apologise its viewers – who prop the station through their tax.
VP Chiwenga and Wife Mary

Football has become a stress relive amongst millions of jobless citizens – enduring a tough life in a comatose economy – with many failing to pay for pay per view television demanding payment in scarce foreign currency.

Since his ascendancy to power via a coup, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been featured on the partisan television station – largely financed by tax payers – but has alienated the opposition from parading their policies – leaving many to conclude that he is not entirely different from his predecessor – ousted Robert Mugabe.

Mnangagwa – just like Mugabe has used every opportunity to turn every event into an electioneering platform to sell his ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ mantra – while the opposition has been castigated as a nonentity – receiving negative reviews and token coverage.

In attendance were Mnangagwa and his wife – among other hosts of government dignitaries.

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