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ED Mnangagwa: 'Mugabe is the Founding Father, Icon and Pan-Africanist'

Dodoma —  Despite his recent salvo launched at Grace Mugabe, saying he does not trust her, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has reiterated that...

Dodoma — Despite his recent salvo launched at Grace Mugabe, saying he does not trust her, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has reiterated that his government will offer respect to former president Robert Mugabe, since he is an African icon. 

Mnangwa was speaking at at a Press conference with host President John Magufuli, during his two day visit to Tanzania. 

“Our former President is the founding father; he is an icon and Pan-Africanist and that cannot be forgotten. We will engage with countries that had not engaged with us before, and we will re-engage with countries that had disengaged during the period of sanctions. 

“We are saying let us re-engage. But this relates to countries or nations that are outside, but with countries such as Tanzania, that is not engagement – we are friends and brothers,” he said.

“The past is gone. The past has good lessons; the past has bad lessons; we should not forget the bad lessons, but we mustn’t carry them into the future.”
Former President Robert Mugabe 

The president promised to increase relations between the two nations. 

“After the elections — which of course I am going to win — in August, we will resuscitate the Permanent Joint Commission to deal with all areas, particularly the area of cooperation,” he said.

“You might be aware about the events that took place Saturday when a hand grenade was thrown at me. But since you see me here, it means I am now fine.

Zimbabwe and Tanzania, he added, are inextricably linked as the East African country used to provide moral, technical and material support to Zimbabwe’s liberation movements. 

“Tanzania is the midwife of our freedom,” he said. “It is our duty, we of the older generation, to teach that legacy. Tanzania must be understood and cherished by the younger generation.”

Speaking at the same occasion, President Magufuli said it was time to use the strong political relations that exist between Zimbabwe and Tanzania as a plinth to deepen economic ties.

“We have agreed to use our membership of SADC to broaden our trade relations,” he said. “We have agreed with my colleague that the Joint Permanent Commission must meet immediately to deal with impediments to trade.” - The Herald/Online Sources 

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