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Chamisa’s Petition: Quotable Quotes from the ConCourt

Harare - Below are noteworthy ‘Quotable Quotes’ from today’s ConCourt Hearing of Chamisa’s petition against ZEC and president-elect Emmerso...

Harare - Below are noteworthy ‘Quotable Quotes’ from today’s ConCourt Hearing of Chamisa’s petition against ZEC and president-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa.

We work from a system of a secret ballot. Even if we assume that those 40K non-voting-teachers exist, the applicant can’t divine how they would have voted. That figure has not been established as evidence, it has simply been thrown around, says Adv Kanengoni for ZEC.

Since court only has 14 days to decide, if they don’t have to serve within 7 days, then when do they have to serve by? 

How does the whole thing not get even more delayed? Besides, Chamisa had 7 days to lodge & serve – why did he leave it until the last minute?, Adv Magwaliba for ZANU PF

Harare ConCourt

Applicant presents no evidence that the ballot box/papers are manipulated. His whole “poisoned chalice” argument has no evidence to support it, says Advocate Lewis Uriri for ZANU PF.

In the present matter the allegations that are being made are of a criminal nature. The threshold of truth is truth beyond reasonable doubt. Advocate Lewis Uriri- ZANU PF

What is required is to lodge in 7 days (that was done) b) sheriff was erroneously directed not to serve after 4:30pm – when by law he had until 10pm on the 7th day So, court has jurisdiction and now exercising this jurisdiction is important, Advocate Thabani Mpofu for MDC Alliance.

ZEC threw Mnangagwa under the bus. It doesn’t matter whether Mnangagwa was involved in the irregularities – “If you do your act through the hand of another, you’ve done it yourself.” Advocate Thabani Mpofu for MDC Alliance

Because there has been a massive cover up of evidence, the applicant can’t ask for the original documents to be presented to the court as evidence, Advocate Thabani Mpofu- ZANU PF.

Why did the applicant not seek to have those ballot boxes opened up so that the analysis of those ballots would have allayed all these disputes” Chief Justice Luke Malaba- Con Court

Why does the applicant decide to found his case on secondary evidence, when there is original evidence, Malaba questions MDC Alliance lawyer.

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