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#Tiyambuke2018: Tiyambuke, a Moment of Freedom

Chitungwiza – Muslims are faithful to Meca – a pilgrimage every devoted believer must partake in their lifetime. To the majority of Hindu...

Chitungwiza – Muslims are faithful to Meca – a pilgrimage every devoted believer must partake in their lifetime. To the majority of Hindus – Varanasi or Kashi remains one of the holiest pilgrimage sites.

For Christians – Tiyambuke – has become a noteworthy part of the Christian calendar for over a decade – and the 2018 installment assures attendees another lifted spiritual encounter with their Creator.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Each year – Chitungwiza – once throttled by marauding territorial spirits – glows into perpetual light – and the dark era has since been overtaken by the divine wave presented by the annual conference which signifies a crossover from lack to plenty.

And for those Christians seeking to partake in such a yearly passage, Tiyambuke offers the precise environment and preachers.

 Hosted by Apostle Pride Sibiya from 1-9 September – founder and visionary of Glory Ministries – Tiyambuke signifies the passage partaken by the Israelites from bondage to freedom out of Egypt.  
Apostle Pride Sibiya Invites you to Tiyambuke 2018

“Tiyambuke means crossing over from lack into abundance, from nothingness to greatness – and from the lack of fear of God to the fear of God,” clarifies the founder, Apostle Pride Sibiya.

In embracing children’s needs, they are allotted two full days to showcase their God-given talents – they crossed over first – and on the 1st and 2nd of September, parents will assume spectator seats as children lead the day’s proceedings.

Tiyambuke 2018 is the precise platform for you to attain a shift. Under the theme: Building Kingdoms Generals, this is a definite platform to encounter with the Lord through healing, deliverance and the prophetic Word.

Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) brand fetches its strong origins from the gospel beginning with the crossover of Moses leading Israelites across the Red Sea. The chosen people moved from hunger to plenty, from lack to abundance. The rapture of Elijah is another imminent example that supports the yearly event.

Since its origins, Tiyambuke has hosted luminaries as guest speakers. Apostle Pride Sibiya’s spiritual father – Apostle Alexander Chisango comes laden with his memorable wisdom sermons – while Bishop Abel Sunday, Archbishop Asa Gurupira are some of the gospel personalities to grace Tiyambuke previously.

In 2018, the host Apostle Sibiya – who is turning 40 years – will share the pulpit with Prophet Blessing Chiza, Apostle Chisango. Explaining the significance of 40 years, Apostle Sibiya touched on the spiritual and physical aspects of life.

“After every 10 years, there is a dramatic change in one’s life. The initial 9 years are from a toddler to teenage life and focused on parents. The next 10 years, are focused on friends, exploring life making decisions on life, tertiary education and life partner.

“During the 30 to 40-year period – you are focused on family and receive honour, while the next 10 years is a dawn of a new life, preparing to rule the world. From 50 years onwards, the onset of middle life crisis begins,” explained the God’s servant.

On the spiritual front, Apostle Sibiya stated that: “God works in multiples of four. Jesus put four evangelists in Mark, Mathew, Luke and John. In short, 40 symbolises a generation and it took the Israelites 40 years in the wilderness.”

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