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Internet Data: Pornography Viewing Tops in Zim, Beware

Harare - Online pornography is rated at around US$15 billion, with youths said to make part of the larger percentage of consumers. However...

Harare - Online pornography is rated at around US$15 billion, with youths said to make part of the larger percentage of consumers.

However, studies in 2014 by the Cambridge University found that pornography triggers the brain of s.ex addicts the same way drugs trigger drug addicts, leading to unstable behaviour.

And local religious leaders have also shunned pornography and have quantified it to immorality in the society.

"Porn was not made for entertainment or fun it was made purposely to destroy both the actors and their viewers. It feeds man with lust and makes him hungry for more. That is what result in masturbation and all abominable s.exual act.

"Ignorant men and women love to watch it for fun not knowing that they are inviting demons of lust to themselves. It is a great doorway for demonic entrance. They don't need to have spare keys to be in your room. They only need you to watch their product and they will come in through the walls.
Porn Watching on the Increase in Zimbabwe 

"People who watch porn end up having strong irresistible sexual urges, because they have invited the demon of lust to live in them. Once the spirit brings up the desire you can't stand the pressure but do it with whoever you get, whether your close relative, a child or even animal . This has ended many into prison," cautions Bishop Pride Sibiya.

Internet usage data has revealed that Zimbabweans are consuming pornographic material more than any other internet related searches, a revelation, which could point to addiction and eroticism on the part of users.

This emerged during the Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum (ZIGF) conference , that the distribution and circulation of pornography in the country mostly involves young people and this might be a sure sign of the addiction, of some, to pornography..

In a heated discussion on pornography viewing at the ZIGF conference, one lawyer asserted that there is a thin line between that which is moral and that which is legal.

“There are a number of statutes that illegalise porn, and distributing pornographic material is also illegal according to the Censorship Act,” the lawyer said, responding to a question on pornography.

An internet Guru who spoke on conditions of anonymity, advocated for the legalization of pornography. “Maybe the high number of people accessing pornography in Zimbabwe is a sign that porn should be decriminalised locally,” the digital rights advocate said.

A number of restrictions on pornographic materials have been placed by the likes of Facebook to try and contain its movement and dissemination, however, the majority of pornographic viewers have adopted mobile platforms like WhatsApp to watch, receive and circulate pornography at ease, hence it remains a private affair.

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