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Aguma Dispute: Prophet Magaya Yet to 'Submit HIV Cure Application'

Harare - The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) has said that Prophet Walter Magaya is yet to submit an application for his Agu...

Harare - The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) has said that Prophet Walter Magaya is yet to submit an application for his Aguma herbal supplement to undergo clinical trials.

The leader of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries courted controversy when he claimed that his Aguma herb can cure HIV/Aids and Cancer. 

However, he was forced to take back his claims and apologise after receiving stinging criticism from most quarters.

There have been some engagements between Prophet Walter Magaya and Ministry of Health and Child Care, however, MCAZ is yet to receive the application for registration of the product in question.
Prophet Walter Magaya

Minister of Health and Child Care Obadiah Moyo has said that Magaya will be involved in the clinical trials for Aguma. 

Magaya is also out on bail after he was arrested for contravening Section 41 of the Medicines and Allied Substances Control Act, by manufacturing medicines without a licence and operating a medicinal laboratory without a licence.

Gwatidzo said further information on requirements for safe and ethical conduct of clinical trials involving humans could be obtained from the Medical Research Council of Zimbabwe (MRCZ). He said following the approvals, submission of samples for quality control testing was required to confirm that quality and safety issues were met.

Gwatidzo said there was a component of inspection of the manufacturing process, whereby officers from the MCAZ should physically visit the plant where manufacturing was taking place.

“A product can only be considered safe, effective and of good quality after satisfying these minimum requirements,” he said.

MRCZ has not yet confirmed having received Prophet Magaya’s application to conduct a human clinical trial in Zimbabwe. Prophet Magaya received wide criticism a few months ago when he announced during his church service that he had found a cure for HIV and Aids as well as cancer.

He claimed that his product had successfully gone through efficacy and safety trials in India.
The Ministry of Health and Child Care ordered him to stop marketing the product until it goes through local safety and efficacy trials. — Herald

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