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Morgan Tsvangirai: Memorial Service on 14 February, 2019

Harare - The wait is finally over.  Exactly a year after his death - the memorial service of the late former MDC president Morgan Tsvangi...

Harare - The wait is finally over. 

Exactly a year after his death - the memorial service of the late former MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai will be held on the 14th of February 2019.  

“The Tsvangirai family wishes to advise the nation that preparations are underway for memorial service of former prime minister of the republic of Zimbabwe and Founding MDC President.

“The provisional plan hold is to hold the event on 14 February 2019 which is exactly a year after Dr. Tsvangirai passed on.

“When concrete plans are finalised they will be announced to the nation. The reason why we decided to hold this presser is because there has been a lot of guess work and posting on social media regarding this matter," Manase Tsvangirai said.

When asked if the widow of the late Tsvangirai, Elizabeth Tsvangirai is still part of the family, Tsvangirai said, “Yes she is still part of the family. But you must know that it is not her alone, there are children from the first wife and grandchildren so they are all part of the event.”
The Late Morgan Tsvangirai's Coffin arrives at his Rural Home

The late politician was born in the Buhera area in then Southern Rhodesia, to Karanga Shona parentage through his father Dzingirai-Chibwe Tsvangirai and mother Lydia Tsvangirai (née Zvaipa).

He was the eldest of nine children, and the son of a communal farmer, mine worker, carpenter and bricklayer. He completed his primary education at St. Marks Goneso Primary School Hwedza, and was transferred by his father to Chikara Primary School Gutu, then to Silveira. 

He completed his secondary education at Gokomere High School. After leaving school with 8 Ordinary levels, in April 1972 he landed his first job as a trainee weaver for Elastics & Tapes textile factory in Mutare. 

In 1974 an old school mate from Silveira encouraged Morgan to apply for an advertised job as an apprentice for Anglo America's Bindura's Nickel Mine in Mashonaland Central. He spent ten years at the mine, rising from plant operator to plant supervisor. His rural home was Buhera, which is 220 km south east of Harare.

Tsvangirai married his first wife, Susan, in 1978. The couple had six children during their 31-year marriage, which ended with her death in the 2009 car crash.

In 2011 Locardia Karimatsenga (born 1970) claimed that Tsvangirai married her in a customary ceremony in 2010. She had been seeking maintenance payments of £10,000 a month to keep up the lifestyle to which, she said in court papers, she had become accustomed. 

A year later, his love life made headlines again after a 23-year-old woman bore him a child and he refused to support the baby until she threatened to take him to court.

He married his second wife, Elizabeth Macheka (born 1976) mother of three, on 15 September 2012. Tsvangirai died this year in South Africa after a long battle with colon cancer.

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