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Soft Coup: Phillip Chiyangwa Joins Mugabe

Harare – Like Robert Mugabe, his uncle, Philip Chiyangwa’s end was bitter. The flashy character was not long ago celebrated for deleting I...

Harare – Like Robert Mugabe, his uncle, Philip Chiyangwa’s end was bitter.

The flashy character was not long ago celebrated for deleting Issa Hayatou – a dinosaur at Caf for 29 years. But little did he anticipate the same fate to eventually wipe Mugabe from power.

In the meantime, his empire was taking a knock, while his wife sought a divorce due to rumoured wayward playboy escapades. Mugabe’s four decades in power was approaching a checkmate – his health was eroding his past eloquence.

All along, Chiyangwa’s political muscle were safely bolstered due to his lineage to the former octogenarian. In the football circles, he had gained fame in a short while, though his credentials were uncertain.

Probably this tactic had been plucked from his political contestations. But Chiyangwa was no stranger to resurgences.

Once upon a while, he was dumped from the ruling party for peddling information to the enemy. All had concluded his end. Yet he rose from the ashes to reclaim a seat as a legislator for the same party – after serving a proverbial deterring sentence.
Phillip Chiyangwa During his Twilight Era 

Not the type to steer away from a storm, he was once captured in his expansive home, showcasing his vast shoe collection. On other occasions, he flouted his expensive cars. And he too often peddled his political affiliation without fear.

His allegiance was secure in Grace Mugabe’s corner – the seemingly successor to his ailing husband. His children taunted their characters at will.

When Robert Mugabe was finally ejected in a November 2017 soft coup, Chiyangwa’s reign as the ZIFA boss was under threat. A new era was beckoning.

There is little doubt, if any that Chiyangwa was bitter with Mugabe’s demise. His reentry into politics was perceived as a direct challenge to those that initiated the November coup. So his path was already sprinkled with roadblocks.

A year after Mugabe’s departure – on 15 December, Chiyangwa’s reign was thwarted. He lived by the sword, and it fell on him. Earlier, attempts to postpone elections to a later date, and even dismiss contestants were part of his failed ploy to maintain his reign – just like his uncle – Mugabe.

Attempts to bar Felton Kamambo – the eventual winner were rebutted by Fifa. Thereafter, his demise was sealed. And on this instance, it worked against his will.

The messiah of African football – and probably politics to a lesser extent, was ousted in the first round. He never bothered to contest the ensuing round to avoid further humiliation.

“I am very well, that is what happens. It is democracy. I am not disappointed, not at all. From here, I can go and become the president of a fishing club; there are so many sports out there,” the humiliated character said from the safety of his car.

Well, Mugabe also refused to surrender, even when all seemed lost, so we know it flows in their family genes.

Hayatou might have bowed from football politics in 2016 – but it’s no secret he followed the events election with a bitter interest.

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