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Makatendekaishe Saunyama: Celebrating a Musical Genius

Harare – The late Makatendekaishe Saunyama loved life. Family came first.  With music, his life glowed. Creativity flowed naturally. He sa...

Harare – The late Makatendekaishe Saunyama loved life. Family came first. 

With music, his life glowed. Creativity flowed naturally. He sang. With a key board, his joy was restored.

By Derick Matsengarwodzi 
Maka to his allies exhibited his instrumental gift without regret. Kudenga kuna Mwari anorarama (there is a living God in Heaven) was a song he recited to appreciate his God-given talent.

And he danced, too. Always.

Lovable boy
Maka’s talents had no limits. Or timelines.

“Whenever I visited him, he would play me a song and danced for me. We taught each other some music. He had no boundaries. He was a lovable boy,” his mother’s sister, who witnessed his deeds first hand said.
Makatendekaishe Saunyama Playing his Key Board
At only15, he displayed abundant love towards his relatives. His affection made his uncle to attest his experience. It was forever genuine – and rare.

“He would call me, asking how I was feeling. He was young but he loved his relatives.”

And at school, his respect was notable, according to his teacher at Mandedza Secondary. “He was a reliable pupil whom you could send somewhere and he would perform the task. As a school, we have lost a good student.”

Sister’s keeper
Sibling fights are real. But Maka rose above such differences. As the only boy in a family of three, he guarded his sisters’ interests jealously.

“We were very close siblings and would sing in the morning. He loved everyone. On my birthday, he stayed awake till morning just to be the first to wish me a happy birthday,” recollected Ivy.
Maka and his Mother
His last words to his sister were to apologise, after a misunderstanding. Thereafter, he joined his best friend Kupakwashe for a bath. Just like their norm during holidays, they were always close.

This was their final walk on earth. The two friends drowned together.

“One day he approached and said daddy, you should change your way of dressing and move with the times. I agreed and he helped me to choose my clothing,” his father recalled.

He added: “For a boy of his age, he wore had a good fashion taste. He was a demanding son, probably he knew he was going soon.”

Once, he convinced his father to buy him an expensive keyboard in South Africa. When his request was fulfilled, he took the instrument to show his pastor.

He also loved exclusive restaurants, confirming his love for a good life. Inside his casket, he wore a pair of designer sunglasses – a confirmation of his fashion flavour. Death had reigned yes.

But his classy taste still prevailed.

Married to music
Music was his passion. In the praise ensemble, he had formed a spontaneous understanding with his teammates. Glory Ministries music Pastor, Rachel Nyakurwa has fond memories of Maka.

“Whenever I looked at him, he knew what I wanted him to play. At one time, he requested to skip school so that he could perform during our annual Tiyambuke conference.”

Sharing was in his genes.
Maka and his Father
“Maka was our main key board player. He was very talented – a goal-getter, who loved God’s work. He sometimes left school to perform at major events.

“He offered his key board for free and even shared with others. The two were way ahead of time in terms of maturity and talent,” continued the Pastor.

Adventure seeker
In his spare time he researched on music, bringing new concepts to the praise team, as stated by Darlington Nemutabwe.

“Maka was gifted. He knew and loved music. He was better than me on the key board. As a band, we achieved a lot and 2017 was our musical year. With him, our music ministry boomed.

“He was adventurous for a boy of his age. He gave us a drive to work hard. Kupakwashe and Maka’s death created a huge gap. But we will raise others, not to replace them but to continue their legacy of serving, dedication and good music.”

Though your physical being is beyond our reach, your music will always be a lullaby to our longing souls. You taught us to love ourselves – and others, too.

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