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Poverty Buying: Zim Politicians Must Stop Consulting Witchdoctors

Harare - Top government officials must stop consulting traditional healers to bring transformation to Zimbabwe.  Instead, if they need lea...

Harare - Top government officials must stop consulting traditional healers to bring transformation to Zimbabwe. 

Instead, if they need leadership, they must consult anointed servants of God or else they are bringing curses to the country. 

"The Lord says: top government officials of Zimbabwe must stop consulting traditional healers/ witchdoctors/mapostori (James 4 vs 8). 

"If they want transformation, they must go to Pentecostal Churches/ Anointed Servants of God (Deuteronomy 18 vs 9-14). They are buying poverty and curses on top of curses that were already there," pronounced Prophet Blessing Chiza. 

Visiting white garment churches, a feat popular with local politicians will also bring curse to the ailing nation. 
Former First Lady Grace Mugabe 

"They must stop consulting witchdoctors and going too much to mapostori (white garment churches). Additionally, this country is experiencing a spiritual problem and you cannot solve a spiritual problem using economics. You can try and try but nothing will change.

The prevailing economic crisis in Zimbabwe is spiritual, according to the Bulawayo prophet. 

1. The Lord showed me vividly, that what’s happening in Zimbabwe currently is very spiritual. It's a spiritual judgement that needs to be solved spiritually because the elections were not handled well, especially in the area of fairness/credible, though there was a certain degree of peacefulness and fairness during elections. 

So, God is not happy with the way elections were done. This election had God inside and as I prophesied before the election that four words were supposed to be carried out by ZEC and the Presidium (peaceful, free, fair and credible). 

The throne of Zimbabwe has a curse sitting on it right now and it needs to be cleansed spiritually. No matter which systems they use- plagues are judgement. So, until that is sorted we will continue seeing Zimbabwe moving in circles. 

No matter how much you dream or wish for Zimbabwe to change, there are some godly spiritual things that need to be done to cleanse the throne. Zimbabwe will still be in the same position until certain "heavenly" spiritual measures are taken to cleanse the throne. 

Many other things have been there for a long time but what is striking Zimbabwe right now is what I am telling you.

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