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#shutdownZimbabwe: Quotable Quotes & Pictures

Harare - As the three day stayaway turned violent, social commentators aired their views regarding the deteriorating situation in the count...

Harare - As the three day stayaway turned violent, social commentators aired their views regarding the deteriorating situation in the country.

Scenes portraying war zones were recreated in most urban areas, as masses protested a sharp fuel increases announced by the president recently.   

Meanwhile, sections of the society are blaming each other for the mayhem. Government insists it is the opposition, while civic organisations maintain, the state is responsible for the reportedly five deaths.

Below are some of the interesting expressions by prominent citizens. 

David Coltart: “In the midst of #ShutdownZimbabwe it is critical that all democrats recommit to the non violent methods of Martin Luther King. Ultimately peaceful, non violent, clever protests are far more effective in producing positive change for the better. #Zimbabwe.”
Police and Protesters in Running Battles 

Doug Coltart: “There is a thug in civilian clothes roaming around with an AK47 (reportedly Bulawayo Road near Kuwadzana). Unclear whether he is really a civilian or military/police in plain clothes, but what is certain is that there is absolutely NO place for this in Zimbabwe. #shutdownZimbabwe

Tendai Biti: “By announcing irrational fuel prices the #heinous gvt should be held to account for incitement &creating a security situation The povo is #angry & #alienated There is massive unrest across the countryThe crises is beyond this regime &only #MDC can resolve same.#RiggingDoesNotPay

Nqaba Matshazi: “A colleague just sent this “Gunfire intensifying in my hood in Chitungwiza around Unit F, C, A, Makoni… Automatic gunfire and people screaming and shouting right now.”

Lloyd Msipa: “E.D had a lot of good Will post November.The people were on his side. Something happened along the way. The good Will has vanished.

“There is need for engagement of all stakeholders to map way forward. A young jobless & restive population can’t be pacified by piecemeal reforms.”

Doug Coltart: “Fellow citizens, let us remain NONVIOLENT. We are angry, yes. But we must channel that anger towards what is EFECTIVE. Violent protest is NOT effective & plays to their strengths. But if we remain nonviolent & participate in NUMBERS, we play to our strengths. #shutdownZimbabwe.”

William du Plooy: “Although I understand that businesses are trying to survive & a shutdown hurts business, it’s also unfair for employers to expect employees to come to work during these shutdowns. Your employees are trying to unite & improve the situation so that your business can continue.”

David Coltart: “Mnangagwa flies off to Moscow whilst chaos rages at home in #Zimbabwe. Both Macron and Trump are not going to #Davos because of domestic troubles which pale into insignificance compared to Zimbabwe’s woes. This is a serious mistake and abrogation of leadership.”
Women in Fear 

Cailah Tatenda: “What we are seeing today are the Results , the Fruit ,the Symptoms, the full manifestation of Failure! What we are seeing today is a clear picture of a failed Government ! The root cause of all this is our Leadership ! A spade is called a Spade Period !”

Zenzele Ndebele: “A riot police officer just pointed a gun at me while I was filming in Nkulumane.”

Brezh Malaba: “Dr Nkosana Moyo says the govt is using higher fuel prices to burden the public with more taxes. A litre of petrol now costs $3,11. Of that, $2,11 constitutes govt taxes, equivalent to 68% of the fuel price. On the diesel side, the tax component is 75% of price. #shutdownZimbabwe.”

Brezh Malaba: “I’ve just seen two military helicopters flying very low over Highfield & Glen Norah in Harare. Tensions are rising, on the first day of a 3-day nationwide shutdown organised by labour unions & pro-democracy groups, amid reports of sporadic violence. #ZimbabweShutdown.”

Fadzayi Mahere: “What a massive plane for a nation undergoing austerity. Is this how we “take the pain”, @edmnangagwa? Is there no cheaper option @MthuliNcube? Do you sincerely believe now is a good time to be globetrotting in luxury? Do you care about the masses struggling back home?”
Riot Police Take Their Positions 

Fadzayi Mahere: “The Constitution is Supreme. The Constitution guarantees the right to demonstrate peacefully – s59, the right to challenge the Govt – s67 and the right to free speech – s61. The police, not the army, are responsible for law enforcement – s219. The right to life is sacred – s48.”

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe: “ARTUZ has received sad news that some teachers were attacked at their work places across the country. The safety of the learners and teachers is critical at this juncture, parents to keep their kids at home for the safety of the learner. Teachers should also take heed .”

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