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Zvikomborero Rambanepasi: Remembering a Streetwise Preacher

Harare – The late Zvikomborero Rambanepasi was born for the streets.  Their energetic, nomadic street evangelism group was christened “zvi...

Harare – The late Zvikomborero Rambanepasi was born for the streets. 

Their energetic, nomadic street evangelism group was christened “zvigunduru” – a slang word depicting hunters of lost souls.

Together, their persistent acts recruited more converts. Together they ganged to plant more churches. And those who witnessed his mission testified that his commission was destined for greatness.

In his 16 years of existence, he loosened lives from the wicked jaws of darkness towards the light through his spirit-inspired words.

Life begins

Born 16 years ago, Zvikomborero attended his primary school in Zengeza.

Just as Jesus called the young to come to him, the teenager heeded. From a tender age, he elected to follow Christ – a feat he pursued until his tragic death on the 29th of December, 2018.

To his community, he was a humble teen, who honoured the elderly. In a society that has been polluted by drugs, among other delinquencies – the youth chose to trace an upright path.

Manifestation of a calling

The preacher’s grandmother observed his embedded passion in soul winning. He later joined Glory Ministries in 2015 – a church founded by Apostle Pride Sibiya.

“I approached Glory Ministries after I had noticed his burning desire for evangelism. But I told him I am a fighter, so you must be a fighter as well,” revealed his grandmother, Mrs Sibanda.       
The Late Preacher was Fond of Selfies 
At Glory Ministries, his calling was stirred up. With the evangelism team, they journeyed across cities to preach, sometimes spending days, leaving the comfort of their homes to fulfill the Creator’s decree. This is how the term “zvigunduru” (people of no fixed abode) was adopted.

During a 10 day fast in 2016, they walked for nearly 15 kilometres, planting a new assembly. Other assemblies were launched thereafter.

Stubborn faith

Even though he was not in school, Zvikomborero continued preaching.

“I am preaching when I am supposed to be in school and I know God would not sit and watch me suffer. Trish, before the end of the term I am going to school.”

Before school closed, a miracle happened. He got a scholarship. And even in the pouring rain, their mission was not deterred.

“One day there was a heavy downpour, while we were coming from a preaching session. Even the rain could not stop us from doing God’s work. Zvikomborero was obedient to his leaders,” testified Reason Mushangwe.

Friend to the lost

Whenever Zvikomborero stepped on the streets, his docile character exploded into dynamite. Preaching to strangers requires boldness, especially when you are only 16.

But for him, words flowed with ease. He spoke of his Saviour with enthusiasm, converting and convincing those who doubted like Thomas.

And his sociable character won him more admirers. At break time, they recited worship songs with his schoolmate.

Rebuking sinners is normal for some. But Zvikomborero chose an interactive avenue to convince them. “Zvigunduru” moved from shopping malls, into streets – often overlooking abuse from locals.

“He was one of the brave guys I ever met and will always remember him for his message: Brood of vipers (vana venyoka) – that he often preached during street ministry. He was a general in his own right and outlived many of his age,” said Trish Phiri, one of the evangelists.
The Late Zvikomborero Rambanepasi Coming from an Evangelism Mission 
Future leader

Zvikomborero was a reliable leader. At school, he was a prefect of repute. His death opened a yawning gap for Seke 6 Secondary.

“He was a trusted prefect who reported of any delinquency by students. He would alert school authorities of bullying – and we would take appropriate action,” his teacher said.

His leadership traits were undisputable. He once led a new assembly. During another Sunday, he preached in the absence of his pastor. Indeed, dynamites come in small packages.

Last super

After an afternoon meal on 29 December, five friends strode towards the dam. This would be the final walk on earth for Kupakwashe Kanyerere, Makatendakaishe Saunyama, and Zvikomborero.

Their swimming adventure ended in tears. The trio drowned, together. Their friendship was sealed in flesh – and beyond. Later, their bodies were retrieved a few paces apart.

Though small in stature, he was a spiritual giant. His grandmother’s prayer was for him to remain steadfast. He followed her wish to the end.

Though the harvest for souls is still plenty, Zvikomborero performed his part. His name would be with us – forever. Go well – a friend to the lost. Your toil was never in vain. You shall reap accordingly.

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