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Denzel Burutsa Video: More Juicy Details Emerge

Harare - In a desperate bid to exonerate their soiled characters, actors in the viral footage featuring former Studio 263 character Denzel ...

Harare - In a desperate bid to exonerate their soiled characters, actors in the viral footage featuring former Studio 263 character Denzel Burutsa aka Jabu and Nancy Masiyambiri has exposed more intricate details.

After the video leaked, both parties panicked with Jabu the first to launch a counter apology to panel beat his sagging personality, while some are convinced it was a way to catapult him from obscurity and/or poverty.

The once adored actor has somehow dissolved into oblivion, far away from the television limelight that he enjoyed, bringing him both fame and trouble. 

In the video, the couple become intimate without any protection, even though they are both involved with other known multiple s.exual partners. "I would like to thank everyone who has expressed displeasure and anger towards me for my leaked private content. Private affairs should remain that, private.
Denzel Burutsa aka Jabu
"It is for that reason that I wish to sincerely apologise, unreservedly, to everyone, family, friends, fans and corporate community, directly or indirectly affected by recent events as a result of my temporary lapse in judgement," Burutsa said afterwards.

Sensing defeat, Nancy went on a counter to regulate the effects of the tape. In her own version, she claims Jabu was on a mission to blackmail her in order to get some money from her boyfriend based in China.

But the two were in habit of filming pornographic videos, while engaging in wild sexual encounters. However Nancy accuses her former friend of leaking the tape, acting on Jabu's instructions.

"My former friend Lucy Mupuranga leaked the video after she was instructed by Denzel, who wanted money from me. The family is now threatening me, through messages and now I am in hiding," insists Nancy also known as Lady Nancy. 

She further alleges that Burutsa was a serial a gold digger, who stalks women for money, adding that she personally knows his wife and she feels sorry for her for the trouble she has to endure.

Enter Lucy Muparanga. She was a close friend to Nancy and the duo frequented drinking spots together, while staying at the same house. Lucy who claims to be a model, also says she is Denzel's cousin. 

And one is made to conclude that they were once a prostitution ring that went separate ways for an array of reasons, chief among them snatching of boyfriends. 

From her own version, Lucy reveals that her friend was in multiple relationships with married men and the two had severed their friendship. She added that there was no boyfriend in China but she never says why their friendship went sour.  

"Nancy is a black sheep, she does not have friends. i was one of her close friends though we were ten years apart. She accuse me of leaking the tape but the two used to record similar escapades, even outside the house and they both enjoyed the acts."   

But what is apparent from the three  videos is the three were once close and were heavily involved in extra marital affairs, even though Burutsa's wife lived a few houses from Nancy's lodgings.  

The story has also sucked in a diplomat related to the Mapuranga family and it will definitely prolong for a while, with the feuding parting refusing to relent. But the unanswered question is who leaked the vised and why. 

For now, only the three know exactly what transpired, while the rest of the world are left to salivate at their wars. It also remains a mystery as who introduced the two if Lucy claims to be innocent to the saga. 

Zimbabwe has been wash with similar expose involving local socialites. Desmond Chideme aka Stunner once featured  in a similar video with Pokello Nare. The people responsible for sharing the footage were later exposed. 

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