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Denzel Burutsa Video: Woman Actor Reveal her HIV Status

Harare – The female partner featuring in the bedroom footage with former actor Denzel Burutsa has revealed her HIV status. After the juicy...

Harare – The female partner featuring in the bedroom footage with former actor Denzel Burutsa has revealed her HIV status.

After the juicy tape leaked, presumably by her best friend, Nancy Masiyambiri had been accused of being HIV positive by viewers.

In the video, Nancy has a rash on her inner thighs, causing some to conclude that she has a sexual transmitted disease or HIV positive.

Infuriated by the denigrating comments, Nancy responded that she was clean, adding that rash was caused by friction when she was walking.

“It’s just that pakati pemakumbo angu ndopakasviba chete (my thighs are darkened) because of friction. I have been working on weight loss and if it was an STI, it could be from inside my privates.

“But mapundu (the rashes) are only on my thighs, even if you google you find that fat woman have such a problem. He felt free to have intercourse with me.
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Nancy Masiyambiri

“He knows kuti vakadzi vari fat vanoita sei (he knows what bigger women are like). But with this weight, you can feel out of place,” explained Nancy.

And experts agree with her explanation.

“Often bacteria get trapped in a hair follicle or oil gland due to friction or trauma to the skin. Inner thighs are a common site for boils because your thighs can rub against each other and get sweaty, especially in hot and humid weather. This encourages bacteria to grow within the follicles.”

However, a few sexually transmitted diseases can also produce rashes. Genital herpes can result in small red bumps, which progress to blisters, on the penis, scrotum, anus, buttocks, vaginal area – and inner thighs as well.

On her age, she says she was actually eleven years younger that Denzel though people are labeling her a granny.

“People are saying I am older than Denny, but I am 30 and he is 41. I was hurt and some say I have AIDS but Denny donates blood regularly.

“He has self-test kits, we normally test each other and for him to have unprotected intercourse (with me) was because I am clean,” she said, revealing naivety.

Meanwhile, Denzel’s mother has said her son deserves an award for his acting career on Studio 263.

“My son never got anything from acting on television but he entertained the nation. He actually deserves an award for what he did, “said the errant mother.

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