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Resurrected Man: No Death Papers, 'Culprit Exposed, Arrested’

Johannesburg - The modern day Lazarus, who was reportedly resurrected by Pastor Alph Lukau, has been identified as Elliot or Brighton by Vi...

Johannesburg - The modern day Lazarus, who was reportedly resurrected by Pastor Alph Lukau, has been identified as Elliot or Brighton by Vincent, who claims to be his employer. 

Speaking to Azania Mosaka during a show on 702, the man named Vincent confirmed that he had been told by his other employees that Brighton had been arrested and that they had no further details at this stage.

“I got word from one of the guys that works for me that knows Brighton, I believe they arrested him today,” said Vincent.

“Can you imagine what a life he’s had? He’s worked for me, he died, he was resurrected and now he’s been arrested,” joked Vincent.

He went on to confirm that Brighton was indeed an employee at his wood-working factory in Pretoria where he had worked until recently and looked completely healthy the last time he’d reported for duty.

According to Vincent, this was not the first stunt Brighton had been a part of as he’d previously allegedly pretended to be wheelchair-bound so that the pastor could “heal” him in front of the masses.

'Dead Man Finally Identified and Arrested' 

His employer went on to describe him as a very smart man who was unfortunately fond of lying. Various social media users have also shared old photos featuring Brighton, and it seems he has previously worked with the pastor as his cameraman, among other things.

Speaking during a press briefing on Tuesday, Thoko Xaluva-Mkhwanazi, the chairperson of the cultural and religious watchdog CRL Commission, briefly addressed the resurrection scandal.

She explained that they would be instituting a Section 7 investigation into the matter before explaining why the CRL Commission chose to go this route.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwean government has dismissed claims that a Zimbabwean man was "resurrected", saying no repatriation papers had been processed to support the claims.

Batsirai Mukonoweshuro, the man who signs repatriation letters for locals who die in the neighbouring country, said he was not in possession of papers clearing any Zimbabwean to be repatriated on Sunday from South Africa.

He said as the man was said to have died last Friday, there was no way the body could have been repatriated on Sunday as the whole process could only be done during weekdays. 

The authorities added that, after the alleged death last Friday, there was no way the so-called family would have managed to clear the body in a day.

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