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#ShutdownZimbabwe3: 'Foreign Army to Intervene'

Harare — If the Zimbabwean army joins in to quell protests on the streets for the third time, it might ignite an intervention from a foreig...

Harare — If the Zimbabwean army joins in to quell protests on the streets for the third time, it might ignite an intervention from a foreign military force.  

During the combat, it will be a battle against two armies and not against civilians — but the outcome may not be good. 

"If this happens for the third time it will not be good. We don’t want anything that will provoke the bees ( military) from outside.

"There are times when you clearly deserve to hear the heart of God, not in parables. This is not prophetic, it is an advice. This is already in the public domain, the (British) House of Commons is discussing this alternative already.

"It won’t be our army against civilians, this time they will get an equal opponent, it is going to be army against army. We don’t want that to happen because where we are now, there’s still a chance," the founder of United Family International Church (UFIC), Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was quoted by online Tech Magazine. 

On the first instance, the army was unleashed on the streets on August 1, 2018 - resulting in seven deaths.

The Army Intervention in 2018 Resulted in Deaths of Civilians 

"If you’re an outsider it’s easy to give such a prophecy but when you’re here it’s different. And I once said this one who is loyal (VP Mnangagwa) will be poisoned. Ah! It’s not because you want any favour. 

"Proof that it was a terrible prophecy, don’t go by what I said or how I said it. I’m talking about you say something that even the victim himself was afraid to admit publicly that he was truly poisoned."

Prophet Blessing Chiza has previously warned of a serious economic meltdown if the elections were not administered transparently. 

The Bulawayo servant of God even foresaw a return of the 2008 era, when people failed to access basic commodities, adding that the two warring parties must come to the dialogue table to iron out a common agenda.

The charismatic UFIC leader attacked looters for their destructive behaviour, saying they will deter investors into the nation.

"You cannot be looting from your own neighbours and friends after they spent their hard earned money to stock if you say the government is evil, how much more evil are you when you loot from your own.

"There is no serious investor coming into Zimbabwe with such an attitude. If you are here and want to do something for the nation in the future, when you get to the position, do it with all your best."

The bees prophecy buttresses a similar prediction made in September 2014 by Prophet Makandiwa. "I tried to warn the people that’s when the owner of the field said you can’t plant in my field, but the people never listened. 

"That’s when I then saw bees practically walking on foot and the bees were biting these people and the people were now crying, after the noise there were other bees which heard the crying and these ones came in flying. 

"After that, the bees started attacking each other. It’s their responsibility to stop the disorder as bees and the farmers were crying out for help from the other bees and these bees were biting both other bees and the same people crying," he said then. 

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