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#ThisFlag: 'Evan Mawarire is an Army Extension'

Harare -  #ThisFlag Movement founder, Pastor Evan Mawarire has been accused of being a military proxy who was paid and protected by the mil...

Harare - #ThisFlag Movement founder, Pastor Evan Mawarire has been accused of being a military proxy who was paid and protected by the military to oppose former dictator, president Robert Mugabe. 

This is the shocking accusation which has been made by Jealousy Mawarire, the spokesperson for the Robert Mugabe-affiliated Party, the National Patriotic Front (NPF). 

Mawarire who also acted as Mugabe’s spokesperson and organised a number of press conferences for him in the run-up to the July 30 harmonised elections.

He also sensationally claimed that the military had even paid for the airline tickets for Mawarire’s family to leave the country.

The accusations were made after Mawarire had written microblogging site Twitter, that he had forgiven Mugabe for the hell that he had endured under his rule.

"Robert Mugabe, u turn 95 today. its hard 2say happy birthday coz millions had unhappy birthdays or fewer ones, they died due 2 yo brutality. 
Pastor Evan Mawarire 

"I suffered at yo direct instruction but I’m strong enough 2 say I FORGIVE U. I hope u live long enough 2 ask those u destroyed 4 forgiveness," said Mawarire.

"Yu’re so right. It’s the hardest thing to do coz you feel entitled to your unforgiveness. You figure it’s justified but then you realize unforgiveness imprisons you.

"As a matter of fact yes it does make me feel better, forgiving those you hate does that. He is genuinely forgiven and I hope he can ask the millions who hate him for forgiveness before his time is up.

The tweet did not go down well with Mawarire who retorted aggressively.

"The other side you don’t tell people is that u opposed him at the behest of the army, they gave you protection which was never given to those vawakaitisa, they bought you & your family air tickets, hapana chatisingazivi vakuru. Enjoy working with the army, your work isn’t finished."

Mawarire's accusations could not be independently verified, since the activist has been under persecution by the same security forces that he is being accused of defending. 

"Court update. State now merging my docket with Trade Unions President Peter Mutasa to try us together. Matter moved to 19th March as state not ready with trial date.

"We won’t back down from speaking truth & calling injustice out. Be of good COURAGE, we will prevail #Pray4Zim," Mawarire updated on his ongoing court case.

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