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Nelson Chamisa: Opposition Leader Faces 'Rape Charges'

 Harare - MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa faces rape charges filed by an as yet unknown complainant. The Observer understands a do...

 Harare - MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa faces rape charges filed by an as yet unknown complainant.

The Observer understands a docket has already been opened at the Harare Magistrates’ Court on the charges. Police are just waiting for Chamisa to return and then pounce on him.

Chamisa is currently on a diplomatic charm offensive, seeking solidarity at a time other African leaders are warning up to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration.

Although officials close to Chamisa refused to divulge the countries and leaders that he is set to meet, claiming that the hosts do not want to be known, he previously raised concern over regional leaders’ failure to intervene in the Zimbabwean crisis.

According to to independent daily Newsday, Chamisa has also reportedly requested to meet South African President Cyril Ramaphosa during his forthcoming trip to Zimbabwe in a few weeks’ time.

Zimbabwe police are keen to humiliate the MDC Alliance president on his return, effecting an arrest at the RGM International Airport for best effect under the glare of foreign and local travellers.
Nelson Chamisa Faces 'Rape Charges' 

The alleged rape comes at a time the ruling Zanu PF party is pulling all the stops to ensure Chamisa does not prevail in the party’s upcoming national Congress, where his position is up for grabs.

Zanu PF apparitchiks have come out lending weight to possible challengers to Chamisa’s position.

Lewis Matutu, the Zanu PF Deputy Secretary for the Youth League has said MDC Alliance leader Chamisa is supported in the party mainly by hooligans who do not vote at Congress.

Matutu further said MDC Alliance secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora has control of the voting members of the party and will beat Chamisa at the Congress set for May this year.

“Mwonzora likely to become the new MDC Alliance President because majority of Chamisa’s hooligans are not in the structures of their party and they don’t form part of the congress delegates,” Matutu said.

Only about 4,500 delegates vote at the MDC Congress, and these are drawn from the party’s grassroots leadership as well as provincial and national leaders.

Chalton Hwende, a close Chamisa ally and also MDC deputy treasurer-general, said he’s shocked by the unusual interest by ZANU-PF members in what should be internal MDC politics.

Matutu said he was not even interested in internal MDC affairs which he said were full of confusion.

“To be honest I don’t like him (Mwonzora) either but this is an honest analysis. After all, how can l campaign for him as if I am interested in their/your confusion neither am I a member of their party.”

The MDC -Alliance holds its Congress on 24 to 26 May.

The rape allegations are just but a part of the Zanu PF pot of shemes aimed at ensuring Chamisa does not contest the upcoming congress or if he does, that his image is damaged probably beyond repair.

Zanu PF has also used other politicians to go on an all out assault of Chamisa and on his person. Hardly a pay passes without one or the other of the political opponents throwing brickbats at Chamisa on social media outlets Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.

And the rape allegations are not the first thrown at a politician seen as a potential enemy of the State. Numerous politicians, living and dead, have at one time or other been the receipients of Zanu PF’s shenigans and false allegations. Nearly all have fallen flat in the courts of law. - The Observer 

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