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Robert Mugabe: 'Shut up, Play with your Grandchildren'

Harare - The gloves are officially off - its dry hands within the ruling party, as insults continue to be traded publicly without censorshi...

Harare - The gloves are officially off - its dry hands within the ruling party, as insults continue to be traded publicly without censorship. 

Events of Robert Mugabe's ouster by the army in November 2017, are still fresh in his mind, hence he first drew first blood, accusing the incumbent president of brewing mayhem in the nation, with his firm administrative style, after recent callous events, resulting in deaths and rampant arrests.  

Mugabe, still smarting and apparently bitter after the bloodless coup, elected his 95th birthday to launch a scathing attack on the current leadership, which has aroused anger levels among party echelons and devotees.  
“You are not God. Today you are at the top, tomorrow you will be at the bottom, know that. God has His own way of punishing rogues and cruel people.

“I am telling you in your face. I don’t care what will happen to me. He said the army must stop killing people and return to the barracks. People should love their army, they should not fear the army,” Mugabe rebuked his former confidante in a message tweeted by his spokesperson. 

The Zanu PF Women’s League, as anticipated launched a counter rebuke delivered a scathing attack on former president Robert Mugabe whom they said should stay away from making unsolicited political commentary and concentrate on playing with his grandchildren. 
Robert Mugabe Turned 95 on 21 February, 2019

The confrontations within the ruling party were prophesied beforehand, notably by Prophet Blessing Chiza, noting that Emmerson Mnangagwa needs to iron out his differences with Mugabe, so that his reign can be smooth.

Zanu PF women's league has also joined the mudslinging match pitting the warring parties.

“He (Mugabe) should stay at the blue roof quietly, playing with his grand kids, drinking tea and let others do their jobs. I think Mugabe should take his wife’s slogan and ‘Stop it’; if there is anyone who should stop it, it is Mugabe,” said league secretary Mabel Chinomona.

The youth league has declared its preparedness to die for the current president, however their intended solidarity march had to be cancelled due to exorbitant budgets.  

“Mugabe doesn’t deserve any respect, he must be put in his rightful place as an unrepentant selfish old man. He looted from this country, recently his workers stole millions of US dollars from his rural home and he owns many farms at the expense of other Zimbabweans.

“Zanu PF youth league would like to put it on record that former President RGM has crossed the line and no longer have our respect. President Mnangagwa should stop treating this bitter, greedy and selfish old man as a small God because he doesn’t deserve it,” quipped Lewis Matutu.

As the internal fight drags on, members tend to agree that their party had been brutal, especially towards opposition members during elections, while Mugabe agreed to executing similar extremes during a broadcast interview. 

“Mugabe needs to remember that he also failed the nation for 37 years; he dragged the economy to the ground. Now he wants to blame our president as if during his time he did not kill people. Does he want us to remind him of the people he killed?,” Chinomona continued. 

Fault lines withing the liberation movement are beginning to get wider, after reports of feud within high-ranking officials, while health complications continue to dog the top leadership.

Recently, army generals linked to the vice president were purged in a knee-jerk security reshuffle, observed by political analyst Ibbo Mandaza as, “The purging of the Generals is but a continuation of the coup and not a cure. It signifies an implosion intra-state,unlikely to be resolved.”

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