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Organ Facts: What Causes Liver Cancer?

Cancer is still a major problem that claims millions of lives each year, and one of the least desirable places for its development is withi...

Cancer is still a major problem that claims millions of lives each year, and one of the least desirable places for its development is within the lifeline filter of your circulatory system. 

It’s likely that more than 30 000 people, mostly men, will be diagnosed with liver cancer in 2014. It can develop within the liver, but is most commonly spread to the organ from another place within the body.

Absorbing toxins and other foreign waste in the body is an inevitable part of daily life. It’s the unsung heroes that cleanse the inside of your body, which enable people to live worry-free, particularly the liver.

While the liver is busy converting nutrients in your bloodstream, it is also sorting out all kinds of harmful waste that is of no use to the body — which is why most people consider it the second most important organ for survival.
What Cause Liver Cancer

Causes of liver cancerThe causes of primary liver cancer can be linked to biology, disease or bad habits. More than half of the people diagnosed with liver cancer have scarring in their liver, also known as cirrhosis, which causes liver cells to become damaged and die off.

Two main causes for cirrhosisFrequent alcohol abuse can degrade the liver over time and kill off cells. When the liver attempts to repair this damage, it could lead to DNA mutations that kick start cancers.

Chronic viral hepatitis, which is caused by the transmission of body fluids that lead to hepatitis B and C. Alcoholism use is linked to several types of cancer in the mouth, throat, colon, breast and most commonly, the liver.

If gone untreated and ignored, excess consumption of alcohol can lead to a heavily inflamed liver and cause exponential increases in cancer risk.

Some studies also suggest that alcohol slows the body’s natural cell healing process, making other habits like smoking, which is also linked to liver cancer, even more dangerous and cancerous activities.

There are certain chemicals and herbicides that are also tied into cancer. Someone might experience them through exposure to pollutants, smoking, certain types of mold, pesticides and certain consumer products such as building materials and food packaging.

The prolonged use of anabolic steroids in males has also been linked to several types of cancer. - Online Sources

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