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Kidney Tumour: Zimbabwe Surgeons Break World Record

Harare - Zimbabwean urologists successfully have removed the world largest kidney tumour weighing 12,3kg from a patient.   The previous re...

Harare - Zimbabwean urologists successfully have removed the world largest kidney tumour weighing 12,3kg from a patient. 

The previous record was previously held by Japan with a mass of 11,5 kilogrammes. Consultant urologist Dr Shingirai Meki said the type of mass was rare in the country.

The surgery comes as miracle, as the nation's health delivery system is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), with the majority lacking basic like paracetamol and gloves.

If conducted outside the country, the procedure to remove the 11-year-old cyst, costs upwards of US$11 000, but it was performed for just $2 000.

“Parirenyatwa is proud of what happened. We do not ordinarily invite the media on every surgery that we do, so there is something extraordinary about this.
Parirenyatwa Hospital Conducted a World Record Tumour Surgery 

“The surgery has broken records in terms of publications and journals in the world,” Parirenyatwa hospital director Jacob Maunganidze said.

The patient, Milka Gwatiringa (48), a teacher by profession lost about 300ml of blood during the three-hour surgery which is considered risky and complicated. In some cases, it results in severe blood loss and injury to other adjacent organs.

Gwatiringa expressed gratitude to the surgeons for saving her life. Her tummy started growing in 2008 and she was only admitted in July 2019.

She said she had decided to go and have the operation done outside the country, but someone assured her that Parirenyatwa Hospital would save her. The mass measured 33cm in length, 30cm in width when it was removed.

“I had so many fears because the media reports about our public health system,” said Gwatiringa. “I wanted to go to South Africa because the reports and the news that we sometimes hear about our public institutions leave a lot of doubt, especially when you are sick.

“After getting assurance from peers and friends and because it was expensive for me to get the services outside the country, I came to Parirenyatwa and here I am, the 11-year-old tumor has been removed.”

This is not the first time the country’s public health system has broken medical records.

In 2014 at Harare Hospital, a 50-member medical team successfully performed the first major operation to separate Siamese twins who were co-joined from the lower chest to the upper abdomen and shared a liver.

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