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#RobertMugabe: The Burial Saga Continues

Harare - There is a new twist to Robert Mugabe's final resting place.  The latest news say, the former head of state will now be burie...

Harare - There is a new twist to Robert Mugabe's final resting place. 

The latest news say, the former head of state will now be buried at his rural home in Zvimba this weekend during a private ceremony.

According to to an online publication, Mugabe ‘s body is expected to leave the blue roof mansion today for his rural home with the burial likely to take place on Saturday.

The main contention seems to be that government engineers were instructed to construct a single ‘Zvimba’. This would accommodate graves of former presidents, not just Mugabe’s.

“President Mugabe did not want to be buried at the Heroes Acre to stop those who tormented him in his final days from pontificating over his dead body,” a relative said. 

“It would be unconscionable to have him buried next to the man whom he held most responsible.” The family also considered the cost of the mausoleum on the taxpayer. They also looked at the time it would take to complete the private burial chamber.

Before his death, Mugabe was reported to have expressly said that he did not wish to be buried at the National Heroes Acre. 
Robert Mugabe's Burial Saga Continues 
When he died almost 20 days ago, some of his relatives said that he would not be buried at the national shrine and made damning allegations against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime, accusing them of trying to arm-twist the family.

The government hit back saying that it would respect the family’s wishes. After marathon meetings between representatives from the family and government officials, it was initially announced that Mugabe would be buried at his rural village in Kutama.

However, barely 24 hours after that announcement, the family though spokesperson Leo Mugabe announced that Mugabe would now be buried at the National Heroes Acre at a date to be announced.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa then buttressed this by saying that the government was going to construct a Mausoleum for the former President at the national shrine. According to some sources, the mausoleum will cost a massive US$1 million to construct and will need between 30-90 days to be completed.

Firebrand opposition South African leader also waded into the matter when he launched a broadside at Mnangagwa’s government saying that they should respect the wishes of the family. 

Speaking during a condolence visit to Mugabe’s widow and family, Julius Malema said, “It’s an absolute nonsense that you think declaring a person a national hero takes away the right of the family over the deceased. The family, especially the surviving spouse, has got the last word.

“There’s a very strong surviving spouse here who’s not easily shaken by arrivalists, so they ought really to respect her and respect the family’s wishes.”

Mnangagwa recently revealed the cause of Mugabe's death for the first time.

“In fact, when we discussed about the issue, it turned out that treatment had stopped, doctors had stopped treatment, chemotherapy, one, because of age and also because the cancer had spread and it was not helping anymore,” he said while in the US.

Meanwhile, another news site reveals that police has stopped Grace Mugabe from transporting his husband's body to Zvimba for burial on Sunday.

According to the site, Grace was met by an army of Zimbabwe Republic Police officers and other officials from the ministry of Home Affairs who have the task of running the heroes’ funerals.

The Doves and Nyaradzo crews which were making way to leave the capital for Zvimba at Grace and the family’s instructions were met by police officers who stopped them in their tracks.

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