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Methamphetamine: Drug Addicts Turn to Light Bulbs

Harare - Drug addicts have gone wild, stealing energy-saver bulbs from verandas in high-density suburbs, with others scavenging for disused...

Harare - Drug addicts have gone wild, stealing energy-saver bulbs from verandas in high-density suburbs, with others scavenging for disused bulbs at dumpsites with a view to making smoking pipes used to abuse an illicit drug known as crystal methamphetamine (meth). 

Crystal methamphetamine, popularly known as “Mutoriro”, is a highly addictive and illegal psycho-stimulant that has taken the ghetto market by storm for its powerful euphoric effects, which are similar to those of cocaine.

There is increased abuse of the drug in Harare and other parts of the country. Abusers, who are mainly unemployed youths, are now stealing bulbs at night from verandas in high-density suburbs like Highfield, Chitungwiza, Mufakose and Mbare.

Energy-saver bulbs now cost between $26 and $55, figures beyond the reach of many. However, each drug addict strives to have his or her own smoking pipe as they find it “unhealthy” to share. Others offer to buy used bulbs at prices ranging between $3 and $5.
Drug Abuse Rampant in Zimbabwe

Meanwhile, the abuse of BronCleer cough syrup to “get high” quickly mostly by urban youths is set to go down following action by its manufacturer Adcock Ingram South Africa which has launched an improved formula with less alcohol.

Responding to reports of misuse and abuse of their cough syrup BronCleer, Adcock Ingram announced on Friday that the new formula now contains only 0,5% alcohol.

Ongoing reports of the abuse of the product, very often combined with other substances, has caused great concern to the company and stakeholders alike.

While BronCleer, popularly known as Bronco, has been banned in Zimbabwe, it is very popular among young people and touts, and is smuggled into the country via different ports of entry.

The cough syrup is sold for between $3 and $5 per bottle in Harare. Empty bottles of the cough syrup have become a common sight on the streets. 

On the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, young people are getting high on Bron-Cleer, which is said to be going for R15 a bottle, making it one of the cheapest “highs” around.

The medication, which is meant to relieve cold symptoms, contains the drug codeine, a highly effective pain killer, much like morphine.

Codeine is also found in a range of other medications, including Myprodol and Mybulen, Benylin C, Syndol, AdcoDol, Tensodol, Sinutab C, and Sinumax Co, among other products.

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