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World Record: 107-Year-Old Patient Recovers from Covid-19

Cornelia Ras, a 107-year-old has defied medical odds to probably become the oldest patient to recover from coronavirus.  According to Reu...

Cornelia Ras, a 107-year-old has defied medical odds to probably become the oldest patient to recover from coronavirus. 

According to Reuters, the Dutch woman has recovered from the coronavirus, that has claimed many lives, with a possibility to enter the record books. 

Ras fell ill on March 17, the day after her 107th birthday, Dutch newspaper AD reported, after attending a church service with other residents of her nursing home on Goeree-Overflakkee, an island in the southwest of the country.

She and 40 others at the service were subsequently diagnosed as carrying the virus. Twelve of that group have since died, but Ras was told by her doctors on Monday that she had beaten the infection.

“We did not expect her to survive this,” her niece Maaike de Groot told the newspaper. “She takes no medicines, still walks well and gets down on her knees every night to thank the Lord. From the looks of it, she will be able to continue to do so.”

Prior to Ras, the oldest widely documented coronavirus survivor was Bill Lapschies, a 104-year-old American.
Old Patient Defies Medical Records to Recover from Covid-19. Image Credit: AFP  

The number of coronavirus cases in the world now stands on at least 1,605,729. Of these cases, 95,766 people have died from the disease while 357, 003 people have recovered. There are currently over a million (at least 1,152,960 ) currently active cases whose outcome is yet to be known.

The coronavirus has affected 210 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances. The disease has caused massive disruption to the global health and economic systems and has forced many countries to close off their borders and implement intense lockdown procedures. 

Meanwhile, a 103-year-old woman in Iran has recovered after being infected with the new coronavirus, state media reported, despite overwhelming evidence the elderly are most at risk from the disease.

The unnamed woman had been hospitalised in the central city of Semnan for about a week, IRNA news agency said. But she was "discharged after making a complete recovery", Semnan University of Medical Sciences head Navid Danayi was quoted as saying by IRNA late Tuesday.

The woman was the second elderly patient in Iran to have survived the disease. The other was a 91-year-old man from Kerman, in the southeast of Iran, the news agency said. After being sick for three days, he recovered on Monday despite having pre-existing medical conditions including high blood pressure and asthma, it added.

The report did not say how the pair were treated. Since Iran announced its first deaths on February 19, the novel coronavirus has spread to all of the country's 31 provinces and killed nearly 1,000 people.

The elderly are the most vulnerable to the disease, which first emerged in China late last year. The World Health Organization this month estimated the novel coronavirus kills 3.4 percent of all those infected. 

But for people aged over 80 the fatality rate was 21.9 percent, according to a report the WHO carried out with the Chinese authorities. - Reuters/AFP

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