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Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure: The Fame, Money And Media Magnet

Love him or loathe his wild exhibition, the late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure was a magnet.  In life, he lured multitudes through his vast ric...

Love him or loathe his wild exhibition, the late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure was a magnet. 

In life, he lured multitudes through his vast riches, which made a name for him in the country. In death, he attracted more followers across the globe. For that, multitudes loved him, and saluted his public generosity and display of wealth. 
When he passed on, he had companions, who were part of his revelry cliques, business associates, or just mere hangers on. Many will remember his annual all white parties that assembled his friends in an exclusive spending mood, unleashing wild spending attitudes that were recorded on social media.

For days, party goers gathered to indulge in merriment extravaganza, all paid by their willing host’s bottomless pockets. Attending one of the parties was a privilege that many who wished to be there will never realise, but only dream of, after his horrific death.

Ginimbi was a money magnet, according to his close allies, who confessed of his hardworking ethics, strategising, and enterprising spirit, till the end. Money follows the bold, adventurous and Genius was one such character, willing to go the extra mile to make an extra buck. 

“When he was young, he stole sugar from the house and sold it for a profit,” his sister eulogized during his burial.

And ever since his rise to stardom, he never regretted, nor was willing to tone down his loud excesses, no matter how his critics bombarded him – he just spent his money the way he chose, and his critics would be hushed.  
Genius 'Ginimbi' Kadungure
Having grown in a poor family, this was his time to showcase what he had acquired, and he accomplished it with aplomb. 

“He believed in the customer is king business philosophy. On occasions he would check the sound quality as well as the lights,” his photographer said.

The glitzy magnate was always crowded by those is search of a piece of his fame, connections and other things that a rich man can avail. Because of his rank, controversy was nor afar in his 36 years of existence. 

The late businessman was not a stranger to the courts of law, having been arraigned before the courts for questionable deals, accused of evading taxes. With loads of cash, women of all sorts carted along, willing to avail themselves. 

Or seeking to eat part of the spending pie. And the generous man never censored those circles, as long as it propelled his reputation. 
Whether it was flaunting his money, accelerating in his fancy cars, nor his dressing, he did it with elegance. And was not prepared to show any remorse, nor apply brakes. His life was always in the fast lane.

In his family, there was a strained relationship with his biological father. “I last saw his a while back, and he used to drive past at high speed,” mentioned his father at his funeral. 

Even though he had the cash at his disposal, his moral campus was questionable, especially towards his father. Riches brought him associates, but without family, happiness was always in doubt. 

The media has been feasting on his popularity, and unrepentant expenditure. When he died, social media was awash with his story, stretching around the globe. 

News stations have recorded a sharp rise in viewership after carrying the Ginimbi story of ungoverned popularity. Despite his arrogant lifestyle, many wished to be like him, he was a hero that knew how to spend his sweat.

The African culture will always propose theories when they don’t understand the origins of one’s riches, and Ginimbi suffered that fate until his death. Those not familiar with his business transactions, often suggested he manipulated black magic to attract riches. 
Further, there has been lingering romours that he had planned his death in advance because he knew of fate. Mush of these theories will remain hanging, sometimes fall away but Ginimbi’s fame will linger on.

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