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Jah Prayzah: Voice Transcending into the Unseen Realm

Jah Prayzah is perhaps one of the living master storytellers through music, using the spiritually loaded videos.  His artistic effort to aro...

Jah Prayzah is perhaps one of the living master storytellers through music, using the spiritually loaded videos. 

His artistic effort to arouse the spirits yonder, with well-thought concepts is a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, seeking to explain and define the invisible. 

Mukudzeyi (praise him) Makombe carries the name for a motive, and he has fulfilled that name through his persistent melodic offerings, which have left people appreciating his religious affiliation. 

His stage name Jah Prayzah, derived from his birth name, means one who offers praises to the highest being who controls people’s lives and determines their outcomes and fortunes.

Sporadically, he has infused his songs with the Creator, confirming his belief that he has a past, future, and destiny that needs another force determine. 

Traditional Africans dutifully offer tribute and determined offering to their ancestors through a variety of ways, not limited to music. And Jah Prayzah’s composition diet has attempted to sustain that role.

His deep-toned chords, evocative lyrical verses, are intended to remind his listeners of their origins, lifestyle, and purpose.

Jah Prayzah

In one video, an elderly man lies in a bed, soaked in perspiration. His son inches closer, in a bid to help him. The man reaches for a box, bequeathing it to his confused son, then he dies. The son wipes his father’s inert eyes and starts crying. Eviction from the house follows soon after, becoming homeless.

In another, shot a woman escapes from the jaws of brutality, electing to become a street urchin, rather than tolerate the violence. 

The two tormented souls are eventually connected, sharing the little, in the middle of nowhere. The man labours to keep her friend comfortable, unfortunately, she leaves him for a richer suitor.

But when the spirits smile at him, he is finally comforted. “She appears in my dreams, the dreams are of another kind,” the singer mentions in the song Munyaradzi.

Dreadlocks are worn by different groups in Africa, with the Maasai warriors identified with such hairstyle. 

As a youngster, Jah Prayzah dreamt of becoming a soldier, however, his desire has been overtaken by other events, although he has become an army brand ambassador, and christened “a soldier without a uniform”. 

The Yoruba priests of Olokun, the Orisha of the deep ocean, also wear dreadlocks. In the Rastafarian movement, locs are symbolic of the Lion of Judah.

Choreographed dances persistently anchor Jah Prayzah’s videos, this is a deliberate showcasing of the African lifestyle, who have created dancing routines for every occasion in a bid to highlight happiness or drown their sorrows at funerals. 

In his musical videos, actors gyrate with energy, dances that yield sweat. For someone who experienced the Jerusarema dancing style in Murehwa village, he appreciates the fertility traditional routine. To cultivate his gift, he sang in church and school assembly.

Dzamutsana is one song that loudly emphasises the importance of dress code in the African context, making a detour to an African village setting, during a courtship process. His portrayal is not only an affirmation of African beauty but also a yearning for the missing exercise that has evaporated from the majority of people.

In 2015, Jah Prayzah unleashed the album Jerusarema, in which he plays the xylophones, while he sings, “I asked the ancestors to open up opportunities.” 

His plea to be forgiven and offered another chance confirms his deeper spiritual links with an invisible world that oils his vocals to draw multitudes to his shows or watch videos on social media platforms.

 His talent has been repaid by corporate ambassadorial roles.

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