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Anita Jaxson: How She Fell In Love With Dancehall

For Zimbabwe to reach the entertainment global stage, Anita Jaxson believes local musicians must to up their game. “We have a lot to offer a...

For Zimbabwe to reach the entertainment global stage, Anita Jaxson believes local musicians must to up their game.

“We have a lot to offer and need to work hard to make it to the world stage.” Locally, her role model is Winky D, who she says his “lyrics are inspiring and speak to the heart and many people can relate to his dancehall music.”

By @Comic24Derick

Dancehall became her choice due to the influence of her late boyfriend. “I dated a guy who got me into listening dancehall music,” she revealed, adding that she wishes to collaborate with Winky D. “In Zimbabwe, I would love to collaborate with Winky D.”

Anita confides that her management has uplifted her music, and appreciates them for that. “My management team has my interests at heart, they tell me what they need. They get things done,” revealed. The professionalism exhibited by her management has catapulted her to greater heights.

In childhood, Anita was a victim of abuse by her father, and she is penning a book to address the subject, including child marriages and albinism. 

“My dad and I don’t talk but my mother supports me, she is my biggest fan. She always listens to the radio every day,” revealed the avid reader which she does to keep her curious mind well informed. 
Anita Jaxson
In Braeside where she grew up, she is well supported and wishes local female musicians could do the same. “My community is proud of what I do. Other female artistes have supported me and I would like to work with other female musicians,” she mentioned.

Anita’s potent voice ushers her listeners into the creative spaces of Marion Hall aka Lady Saw. Known as the Queen of Dancehall, Hall, the Jamaican singer and songwriter possess a rich resume, spanning over two decades. Hall is the first female deejay to be certified as a triple-platinum and Grammy Award-winning artist.

And if Jaxson sustains her current ambition, she could attain a higher standing. Before, she was frustrated and abandoned music for a sales job. Her return was energetic and zeal. So far, her input has engraved a lasting mark in the dancehall genre.

In her short career, she has experimented with different genres, but her lyrics, song writing prowess are more flawless in her dancehall productions. “I wouldn’t box myself to a particular genre. I will not call myself a dancehall artiste because I have tried different genres,” she said. 

Her collaboration with Jah Master yielded a hit “Unonzani” that elevated her from obscurity. Though she began singing at 12, her breakthrough into showbiz was in 2018 when she joined a short-lived singing project. 

After the venture collapsed, she looked for work. But in 2020, she returned to music and her rank has been rising since then.

On sexual harassment in the music industry, she says she has never experienced such abuse. “I work with genuine, professional people, and no one has tried to hit on me,” said the vocal artist. “I haven’t faced those challenges. I work very hard,” she added.

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