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Freeman: “Music is Paying, I Don't Want to Lie”

Zim Dancehall artiste, Freeman admits music is rewarding him.  “Music is paying, I don’t want to lie. I thank God for that because I am wher...

Zim Dancehall artiste, Freeman admits music is rewarding him. 

“Music is paying, I don’t want to lie. I thank God for that because I am where I am today because of music,” Freeman told a local daily.

By @Comic24Derick

To date, he has shared the stage with Movado, Capleton, and has produced nine studio albums. He has performed in Canada, England, and South Africa. His major collaboration to date was with Jamaican artist Atony-B, though he believes he has not yet reached his peak.

“Success is not a destination, but the road on which you are walking,” said the chanter. “Being successful means you are walking your walk every day and you never get tired of working. Do not go where the path may lead, instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail.”

On how he deals with female fans, Freeman says he treats them like his sisters, and there are strings attached. 

“This happens a lot. Girls throw themselves at me, but I just treat them as my sisters because some of them come with a hidden agenda, targeted at tarnishing my image.”

Freeman desires to cooperate with Vybz Karte, Stone Bwoy, and Patoranking in the future. Freeman and Friends, his latest offering incorporating a variety of music genres including, Mambo Dhuterere, Sandra Ndebele, Gemma Griffiths, among others.
Zim Dancehall Chanter, Freeman 
“Ngaibake” a collaboration with Alick Macheso became a hit in 2019, setting the dance floor alight, and igniting the bars on fire. But his musical journey was not smooth. His initial 2009 effort was a disaster, but follow-ups such as “Joina City” and “Handina Godo” were accepted well.

Before he was a musician, Zim Dancehall chanter Freeman was a footballer, focused on playing on the national stage. His soccer career took him to the first division, playing for prominent teams in his hometown of Bindura.

When he noticed that his soccer career was not progressing, at 18, he worked for an abattoir. With the little he earned, he recorded his first song, thereby reviving his singing talent, discovered at a young age.

“I used to play soccer from my school days, and I even played for division one sides,” the artist revealed. “And before, I used to go for training after studio until I found that the music industry provided more opportunities.”

Born Sylvester Chizanga in 1988, he assumed the stage name Freeman after breaking into the senior soccer team whilst at school at a young age. The alias is also shared by another Algerian-born, French rapper, Malek Brahimi, who is based in Marseille. The rapper was part of IAM at its formation in 1988, before going solo.

Under the Danger Zone collective and his own band HKD, Freeman has gained his status within the Zim Dancehall genre, the fame that had alluded him. After noticing that soccer lacked enough funding to realise his dreams, he relocated to Harare.

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