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Madam Boss: So What If I Bleached my Skin?

Madam Boss is a frank character. When asked about her skin's light texture, she admits that she bleached to look lighter. “I bleached my...

Madam Boss is a frank character. When asked about her skin's light texture, she admits that she bleached to look lighter.

“I bleached my skin so what. Does it satisfy anyone to know that I bleached? I had lighter skin when I was growing up, but my skin was revealed in an interview with Josey Mahachi recently.

By @Comic24Derick

“The bleaching began when I was in South Africa. It becomes addictive but I have never injected but only take pills and apply lotions,” admitted the affable Madam Boss.

Though her marriage and wedding to her husband were fast-tracked, she advises girls to take their time in developing strong relationships. “Don’t try this at home. I discourage young girls to do the same because they might regret it. Marriage is not an achievement but for me, I was moving in circles.”

Madam Boss’s revered skits speak on everyday lives. “Our skits ideas originate from the society, and how I grew up and also portrays my character. I used to steal things. My character was complicated. I did weird things.

Even though she once hated school, the singer has seen the benefit of acquiring one. “Young people must persevere and never lose hope. Work first, don’t focus on love relationships, go to school and get a profession but do something to get an income.”
Madam Boss

The trendy comedienne Madam Boss seldom hides her opinions. Negative comments, flooding her social media space do not deter her. Raised in a humble village setting, she has infiltrated the cutthroat acting profession, and she has done it with a rare poise. 

And she mentions that her biggest achievement so far is acquiring a Chihuahua, just like celebrities she esteems.

“My biggest achievement is acquiring and owning a Chihuahua. I admired other celebrities with dogs in their handbags and I also wanted my own. But my husband hates the dog because he says it smells, reasoned the versatile artist. 

“You can’t be a celebrity without a Chihuahua. I love the dog very much and I spent a lot of money feeding it.”

Her funny skits have attracted the interest of big cooperates, earning her various endorsements as a brand ambassador. “I don’t know my secret, but a good brand attracts another good brand, despite what people say on social media. I keep quiet and don’t respond to negative comments,” revealed Madam Boss.

“I have a good management team for my brand. I monetise my content on YouTube and Facebook but at first, we did not know about it. The money I get is sending my child to school,” she added.

Born Tarisai Chikocho in 1985, she never enjoyed schooling. “I was in a special class and I did well,” says the chatty actress. “I never liked secondary school and my results were very poor. I then moved to Ngundu and worked as a cleaner, then a receptionist, and also a rumour monger at a hotel.”

At the hotel, she perfected her acting career, though she had exhibited the traits at a young age. “I was a dramatic person when I grew up, but I never thought that one day I could be an actor,” she remembers, adding that her career began as a mistake.

After her mother, her only parent died, she stayed with different relatives, and at one time she lived alone. “My mother died when I was in grade seven and we moved to the rural areas. I worked as a maid, then moved to South Africa,” Madam Boss said.

The comedienne’s loud character, rowdy dancing routines has attracted rebuke, with some labelling her a loose, but she is unmoved. “People say a lot, especially when they see a good-looking lady. At first Prophet Passion approached me with a business offer,” explained Madam Boss on her showy character. She adds that she jokingly said she wanted a car, and the following day she got it. Thereafter, social media went ablaze.

Fans commented that her husband was docile, and was under a petticoat marriage, which she refuses, but admits affects her. “Comments about my husband affect me, but I appreciate that we understand each other. Whatever they say about my husband, but I know we love each other,” she admits.

“I do what I do even in my house. We don’t harbour grudges. My husband is fully behind everything that I do. I am like Beyoncé, I am inspired by her.”

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